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Re: Pituitary Adenoma

Originally Posted by Gingerly
Hi Sharon,

I have been diagnosed with a 2mm microadenoma on my pitituary gland too. The doctors told me not to worry about it unless I start lactating - then it would have to be removed. It sounds like yours is at that stage. Are you really fatigued with it? Be your own advocte and do some research to take with you to the doctor. If it were me, I would want it removed so your symptoms will disappear and you can function normally again. I'm just waiting to lactate, which will be my signal to get it removed.
Hi Gingerly, my niece has to for an MRI due to 'lactation.' She has been leaking milk from her nipples for a few years and it is getting worse. So it sounds like they may find a tumor that needs to be removed at this point? I know I shouldn't be asking you such a direct question. She needs to have those tests done. Any info would help. thanks.