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Re: Please help... Horrible at Phys Ed but wanna get better

Originally Posted by kwyjibo
For most my life, I wasn't that physically active (obese until a few years ago) and I was horrible at sports. They never came easily for me. However, now, I am fairly fit, but still have trouble playing sports (recreationally). I am possibly the worst male in my Phys Ed. class, and this is alot for me to handle. Can anyone please give me some tips on how I could improve my skills in Phys Ed? Thanks.

Practice. If there's one sport you like, stick with it and practice. Not everybody is good at sports right off the bat. Some people are never good at sports. No big thing. Contrary to popular belief, not all guys are good at every sport.

Like I said, pick one you are interested in and practice, practice, practice.