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Thank you so much for your advice. i wasn't sure whether i should approach her, but now i think i might. and, yes, i re-read one of her posts and it does ask for help! but i still don't understand...i've never seen anyone being "mean" to her at school; like i said, she is friends with everyone. in the posts, she mentioned dying ( not threatening to kill herself, more like wishing she was dead) three times in the past week. I've never confronted her about the bulimia, although i wish i could. she is trying so hard to hide it, like if I told anyone about her site she would move it, and i'm unable to write a comment to her bacause it specifically says on the site that "if you don't like what you see then look away." i don't understand this girl anymore. last year she was so upbeat; this year she is always looking miserable, but she refuses to reach out for help. i do feel like i've been reaching out to help her, but maybe i should try harder. what if she just gets angry? i fear she will. she obviously doesnt consider me nor anyone else her friends. i am so is making me depressed just reading the posts! thank you so much for any advice you have.

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