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What do you really want?

I've seen so many posts here about what physical features guys/girls like in the opposite sex. Every one of these posts ends up flooded with that "it's what's inside that counts" crap.

Don't get me wrong, I totally agree that personality is a must in a lasting relationship, but so is some sort of physical attraction.

I know that the people who post those topics don't want to hear that what's good in the opposite sex is personality. So I'm about to ask you a question. Anybody that answers anything along the lines of:
1) I like (blank) in a girl, but a good personality is what I REALLY look for
2) I can't tell you what guys/girls like, everyone likes different things
3) Looks shouldn't matter. You should find someone who loves you for you
This being my post, those are my rules. Although I have absolutley no control over what you post, I'm asking you nicley to follow them

Anyway, my question... You meet a member of the opposite sex who is perfect in every way (personality AND looks). What does he/she look like?

I would also like you to describe what you think is good looking in your own gender.

Remember guys this is just for fun. The object of this post is not for people to describe their ideal life partner, just what you are in to looks wise.

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