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ANXIETY with a touch of DEPRESSION

Hi All,

I have just became a member and this is my firts post. I Have suffered from a form of Anxiety all my life and I didn't even know what it was untill last year when I was doing some research under 'shyness'. My research led me to believe that I suffered from Social Anxiety/Phobia.

I was glad in a way that I found out, because I knew that there was such a condition and that I wasn't the only one in the world suffering from it. But sad because it is a rather serious mental problem and it was getting more and more difficult to live with as I was getting older. I am now 22 years old by the way.

Any how I finally plucked up the courage about 6 months ago to seek profssional help, and since then I have been through various drugs including BUSPIRONE and PROPRANALOL. Soon after that I realised that I wasn't being taken very seriously by my GP, so I made a complaint and was put through to another experienced GP, who I felt was brilliant in understanding my condition and only 2 weeks ago he prescribed me EFEXOR XL - Venlafaxine Hydrochloride.

I have been put on 75mg capsules once a day (they are extended release, so less side effect and last longer), and have been feeling some inprovement.

I havn't really suffered from depression, as I have had SA all my life and learnt to live with it, but lately I have been feeling very down with thoughts in my head such as, 22 years old, no girlfriend, unable to confront people, can't say no to people, and staying away/hiding from people all together.

One main problem with SA is the heart beat, when I'm anxious my heart will just beat away like drums, so loud I can feel them. That has now stopped thanks to Venlafaxine.

But the major problem is looking people straight in the eye. When I do, I get watery eyes, so bad that it looks like I'm crying. This also happens when I'm being humiliated, criticised, or when meeting new people. I also feel very week above the ankle depending on how bad the situation is. In other words, I'm very emotional, and Venlafaxine doesn't appear to be helping me in this department. But its only been 2 weeks, so there's still time.

In the last couple of days I have been taking 2 doses of 75mg of Venlafaxine, once in the morning and once before bed. My doctor doesn't know this so I'll have to get in touch with him first thing tomorrow, and find out what he has to say. He probably won't be too happy but I'll have to wait and see. I havn't had any extra side effects as a result by the way.

The only major side effect I'm still having is Impotency. As hard as I try, I cannot ejaculate succesfully, only after a few days I can somehow manage it, but it takes quite a while. I've also lost about 60% of my sexual interest.
How embarrasing, sorry guys.

And that finally brings me too my question for all you good people-

Is taking 2 doses of 75mg of Venlafaxine twice a day harmfull? considering that I was told to take only one dose of 75mg once a day, and have been doing so for the last 14 days.

Sorry for making it so long, but I thought there might be other Social Anxiety sufferers out there who might respond to this post for a general chat even, as I have never spoken to another SA sufferer.

Thanks guys


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