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Re: What do you really want?

The perfect girl....

blue eyes that shine in the sun,
shiney brown hair that hangs below the shoulders,
boobs that in size just flows with the body,
slim in size,
same height as me,
a girl with a six pack just a tad showing, you know, just a bit of muscle,
nice smoking tan,
I am not an a** man, but a nice butt of course.
She needs to have some meat on her bones= not fat though, I just don't like girls that I feel I am going to break in half,

Now for deeper thoughts.

She has to be smart, no ditsy ho girls,
I like touchy feely kind of girls. Like when they run their fingers through my hair, it just feels good to be touched.
I am a guy that would like to sleep with a girl to just be with her, to be around her ( I mean actually SLEEP with her, you know, catch a few zzz's? Not sex, even though I would like to do that every now and then.... COME ON! YOU KNOW YOU WOULD TOO! BE TRUTHFUL!!!)

SO basically I am shallow, but if I find the right body I will test the actual girl out, If I like her personality then I will get deep wit her and we can really fall in love, even if the body is what I first liked. And I know EVERY guy here knows that they don't want a fat or ugly girl, they just say it doesn't matter about bodies because they would probably get "shunned" from all the other posters on this board.

A few girl that I would like to have for life partners: Rebecca from resi evil zero, avril, and a bunch of teen stars that I can't think of their names, but I am their age too, so it is OK.

PHYSICAL ATTRACTION IS A MUST FOR ME! And I know it is for you people out there reading this.