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Exclamation SPECIAL RULES for the four Sexual Health Forums - UPDATE.

Given the subject matter, there are extra rules that apply to the four Sexual Health boards. Please know and abide by them when posting.

Use proper terminology. Slang or vulgar terms for various body parts, actions, etc. are not welcome. Using asterisks to disguise words is not allowed either.

Questions/surveys/polls that attempt to obtain the personal sexual behaviors, preferences or experiences of other posters are not allowed.

If you are under 17, you may not post your age, and you may only post your sexual health questions or comments on the Teen Sexual Health board. If the thread starter's age is not known but the post implies inexperience or a young age, it will be moved to the teen board. To those posting on the Adult boards, remember that young teens can still read the posts. is not for learning how to engage in different sexual techniques or behaviors. Do not ask for or provide instructional how-tos on the specifics of different sexual techniques. Any post that volunteers too much graphic information or any question that requests descriptions for technique or turn-on purposes will be edited or deleted. This rule applies to all four boards. Not sure what constitutes too much information (TMI)? If in doubt, don't put it in.

Abortion discussions are not allowed on this board. It is only allowed on the Women’s Health board and only the medical aspects of abortion recovery may be discussed, not the moral ones. Please read the sticky at the top of the Women's Health board for more info.

H-OCD (Homosexual OCD) is to be discussed on the OCD board only, without reference to any specific details of the sexual compulsion. Please read the sticky at the top of the Obsessions and OCD board for more info.

Posts may be deleted instead of edited if there are too many edits required.

Persistent disregard to these rules may lead to banning.

If you see any post that is in poor taste or that you feel violates these rules or the general rules of the Healthboards, please click 'report bad post' found in each posted message.

And a reminder of some of the general board rules:
These are peer support boards, please try to remember that when you post.
Vulgar or disrespectful language is not allowed.
Do not disclose or claim any medical education.
Do not post the same question on multiple boards.
Do not post any off-board contact information.
Do not link to or name other websites with out PRIOR approval.

Please follow the general Posting Rules.

Thank you,

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