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Re: Please help... Horrible at Phys Ed but wanna get better

I know how you feel. I too was obese in 9th grade but I lost a lot of weight and now you would think I could do better in gym but I can't...I am terrible at running and at every sport known to man (excluding pool ). Also I am not a team player...I'm independent and I just hate being on a team. Oh yeah, that and the fact that during hockey, soccer, and basketball my own team members would steal the ball/puck from me so they could score. And in volleyball (Im currently playing in gym), the ball may come toward me but when I'm about to hit it someone else will dive in front of me and get it up; let me tell you how much I want to knock those kids out. They have NO faith in me.

But I have gone off on a tangent, no? The bottom line is to make it look like you're participating and everyting will be okay

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