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Re: ANXIETY with a touch of DEPRESSION

Originally Posted by spyer
I have realised that watery eyes and feeling very emotional, isn't actually a normal symptom of Social Anxiety or any other form of Anxiety.
Hi Spyer. Thanks for reporting back & for making that call to your doc. Am very relieved to hear that you'll following the doc's orders again. Whew!!!

Abt the problem in the quote: Did the doc actually tell you that those 2 symptoms are unrelated to Social Anxiety or did you decide that from another source?

I am quite unfamiliar w/both of those symptoms, but then, I don't suffer from social anxiety and am not up on the symptoms of that condition.

If you haven't specifically asked the doc abt those 2 symptoms, please do so. Also, it it's the doc that said it was unrelated to social anxiety, ask the doc what could be causing that. Please let us know what you find out. Fox