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Wow...I Never Knew I was such a ....

disapointment to my dad ......yeah well heres the story and i hope you can help me figure out if im really a disapointment or he is ...
In 5th grade i had straight a's and when i hit puberty i changed like we all do in personalities but my unforgiving dad seems to blame me for changing its not like i meant to to! i mean god we all change i think i have a right to! any way my grades did drop to c's or d's when i got into 6th but of course it was a new school which takes a while to get used to! i am now in 7th and have a c and the rest are a's and b's he tells me every week how much i let him down in my grades he seems to think HES all that matters is that I PLEASE HIM. God he never gives me a break! what can i do? hes totally hot headed and not easy to talk to what am i gunna do? please help asap!
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