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Re: Knee Injury - Need Some Help

yes - perhaps a bit of crepitus under the kneecap.

Strengthening the muscles around the kneecap can help I believe.
I don't believe your doctor is talking 400 lb. squats.
but the kind where you roll a towel up, sit on the floor, place under your knee, and tighten the quad , lift and hold..... repeat repeat repeat etc...

If you have deteriorating cartilage under the kneecap I do not believe there are many many alternatives. Yes you can take anti inflammatories, do mild stretching and strengthening.

If you kneecap is misaligned or not tracking correctly there are procedures that can help this (surgical). Doctors usually start out with the conservative approach with anti inflammatories, stretching & strenghtening & ice.

I would first check into a sports medicine physician, therapist and give it a fair trial. Again- 400 lb squats could be aggravating your condition rather than helping it.

good luck