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Re: Wow...I Never Knew I was such a ....

Sounds like one of two options.

First, just as you said. He could just be a self obessed *****, who is ashamed of your archievement....but I highly doubt it!

Its more likely that he knows what your capable of, and wants you to achieve the most you can. If he thinks your wasting your talent, he might try to be harder on you so you will do better.

7th - 8th year are fairly important. They dont seem to be at the time, but they make up the foundations. I screwed around up until year 10, and my maths is pathetic, will never be as strong as other ppls wimply because i dont understand the basics I would have picked up if I paid attention.

At any rate, whether or not you are wasting your ability isn't that important. Of course, if you are, I suggest you DONT! If your not, best thing is to talk to him. You said it was hard, but its probably the best way to work out what his motives are.
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