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Re: ??family troubles/ middlechild syndorm??

dude, im sooo sorry. I can sympathize for you though, im sorta in the same situation or I was. Im a college student and because im a college student i live on campuz, but when I did live at home I felt as though I could never do anything right, everything was my fault, I was the trouble maker. Which is not true, I was a good kid considering the simple fact I could have been much worse. I do have ADHD, so i tend to take things at heart. Because Im different from my family members, i tend to get crap throwin in my face. My mom once told me she loved me because i was her daughter but hated the person i was becoming. 15 minutes before my 19th birthday my parents said i was the main cause of their extreme amount of stress. I've gone to counseling at my school to help me, its the only thing that has saved me from going insane. I know it hurts tremendously when ur parents says stuff like that and treat you the way they do......but you have to try to ignore it or not take it soo personally. If you cant see a counselor, talk to a good friend of yours or one of their parents, and if possible a teacher that u trust! I know how comments that ur parents make, blows ur self esteem and self confidence.....its probably one of the most hurtful things that ur mom said to you ever and i wouldnt want to live after that. Have u tired talking to your dad? Im not really sure what kind adivce I can give you.....other than to love yourself. I know you'll be trying to please ur parents not matter how much you say you hate them, and I do it all the time. And i do it because i want a parental approval and i'll never get it. Just try to hang in there...i know its hard but try to talk to SOMEONE that YOU trust. Hang in there, and i'll keep you in my prayers....oh yea and remember sometimes bad things happen to the best of people
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