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Re: ??family troubles/ middlechild syndorm??

i'm in the same situation...
infact my mother completely flipped out on me and put me down because i'm "Ever so terrible"... my little brother is violent and swears... and both of my older sibs have been involved with drugs and alcohol and have almost failed out of high school [luckly my sis has straitened out...] i'm college bound... always done well, never done anything illegal... but yet, i'm the scum of hte earth and they'd rather me be dead... [yes, my mother's told me that...]... i wouldn't knock down "help"... i've actually gone into therapy and well... it's a good place to vent at any rate... has helped a lot in learning to ignore my family... and the fact i'm so "screwed up" is because of how i've been treated my entire life...
i know that it may seem really unfair and that it can really hurt sometimes... but, do your best to block it out... eventually youll be out of there and on your own... and until then, hang in there... talk to other people, find support... i'm sure you are a wonderful person and no one, not even your parents, can ever make you believe that you're not...
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