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Re: ??family troubles/ middlechild syndorm??

When i talked to my dad about my moms behavior its because of the stress she's under or the pain she's in (she always in chronic back pain). Yea i can understand but she just rampages and rages over little stuff all the time and never lets it go. When i talked to my cousnelor she suggested that i write a letter.....then when im ready too burn it and let the past go....which worked but everytime i go home i come back to school and spin out of control. My couneslor noticed that i do great when im not around my parents, im on top of things and I feel great. The moment I get around them or my mom says a negative comment over the phone I spin out of control. Because I realised no matter how good i am or how much i've acceled it doesnt matter im seen as the "bad" girl in a sense and after seeing their reactions still I figured why the heck not and take on that role or being a "bad" girl. It seems as if everything I say and Do is some how gonna be turned into its ur fault. No matter the situation or how i feel its always my fault, No one listens, i cant keep my mouth shut, i never do anything right, etc. My mom also takes things very very personal, and tends to think everyones against her....i swear shes becoming mentaly psycho...... but just like always....counseling helped me or taught me to ignore what they have said and did. Back to the letter thing, my counselor about two weeks ago suggest that i write a letter, and we'd go over it until it was perfect and answer any questions my mom may have.......of course i started to right it and then i've given up hope. But maybe it will help you. Have you talked to your siblings about it? I wish i could do more to help you....
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