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If I burn 430 more calories than I take in, will I be put in starvation mode?

I calculated somewhere that if I wanted to lose 5 kgs in 3 months I would have to burn 430 calories more than I take in daily. After I've reached my goal I would try to remain. So burned calories = calorie intake. How does this sound? Am I putting myself into danger of starvation mode by losing 430 calories a day? 5 kgs of bodyfat in 3 months doesn't seem too extreme to me. I would probably burn around 2000 calories a day, and take in around 1500. Also my calories would come mostly from complex carbs (and some simple carbs from fruits and veggies), protein and some good fats (fish/peanutbutter). Will I keep my muscle mass if I go to bodypump classes twice a week? I'm also going to use the powerplate. Our gym has had it for a week now, and I tried it out once. Really weird feeling, but cool. It's suppose to speed up your metabolism and maintain or maybe even create slightly muscle mass. So I would use that thing twice or thrice a week as well. I am seriously scared of putting myself into starvation mode, but I really wanna lose some bodyfat... well so what do you recommend?

My stats are: 16, female, 55 kgs (122 lbs or so) and 159 cms (5"2 feet I think)

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