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Re: The wrong person to talk to?

Originally Posted by lucyvanpelt3
You pose a situation here worthy of a paradigm shift.

Question - Are you thinking out loud, or really talking to and answering yourself?

Do you talk to any family members? How are your conversational skills? Do you participate in team sports or hobbies or clubs?

I think you have a lot on your mind that you are unsure of and too apprehensive to "check it out."
Yes, I do think out loud, but not loudly I keep it to a mere whisper, and it isn't out in public or's when I am alone, in my room, before I go to sleep, etc. Nor do I answer myself; I just talk in general. I am not a conversationalist, nor do I enjoy conversations with random people or people I don't know very well because I have a tendancy to stumble over my words sometimes. I'm not in any sports or clubs, or any extra-curricular stuff for that matter. My hobby is drawing and writing; while I am good with words in print, I'm not good with them in voice.

One main reason why I entrust no one with my secrets is that I know they will say "ohhh, I know how you feel...", when they really don't - they just say that to make it better, but it doesn't work. If I'm depressed and I tell my cats what's wrong, I swear, it's the most reassuring and comforting feeling in the world to get a warm nuzzle from them in return...animals can sense your sorrow and they offer what they can to heal you.

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