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Re: Would like to hear what antidepressants worked for you ??

Originally Posted by antares_wish
Antidepressants effectiveness and effects varies widely from person to person. Two people with the same problems trying the same medication may very well work for one of them and have absolutely no positive effect for the other. Unfortunately the only way to find one that works for you is to run the gambit.
Got that right. There was a medication I was prescribed once that affected me in a very bad way. Recently I talked to someone who felt the very same drug was a miracle cure for her. I've tried a few that, if they helped at all, were so ineffective as to be worthless to me.
Anyway to answer the question. Effexor XR worked best for me and yes I'm aware that some have had terrible experiences with it. Another that was effective for me was Prozac although it made me feel a little jittery.
My symptoms are pretty much the more common ones, apathy, sadness, inability to concentrate etc. I'm not sure what you're getting at but hope that helped.