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Re: Would like to hear what antidepressants worked for you ??

There ten classes of antidepressants. Here is a chart: [url][/url]

Most "success stories" involve a combination of an SSRI and something else.

I'ved tried six medications:

Trazadone (Triazolopyridine)
Serzone (Triazolopyridine)
(One I don't remember)(?)
Paxil (SSRI)
Welbutrin (SSRI)
Lexapro (Aminoketone)

I have also used Xanax (Triazolobenzodiazepine) for anxiety.

Except for Welbutrin, they all helped my depression a lot. It has just been a question of finding the one with the least side-effects. Right now I'm on Lexapro and Welbutrin together. There aren't any side-effects to speak of, but the antidepressant affect seems to be wearing off. I'm seeing a psychiatrist about it tomorrow.

There are a lot of factors. Everyone's body chemistry is different, and there are different types of depression, and then there are your external circumstances.

In general:

If you have a lot of anxiety, SSRIs will probably be the best.
If you are lethargic and don't have anxiety, Welbutrin might be better.
If you have insomnia, Triazolopyridines works great.
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