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Here you go thefor...

Is also referred to in our area as periradicular therapy (PRT). TF/ESI is a segmental selective epidural procedure which employs C-arm flouroscopy or CT guidance in order to precisely position a needle at the lateral periphery of the nerve root canal immediately adjacent to the specific site of pathology. This technique allows the most precise and concentrated delivery of medication to the suspected pain source. The injection blocks the nerve and extends through the canal into the local epidural space confined to one or two adjacent levels. TF/ESI is therapeutic, while also providing valuable diagnostic clinical information to localize the pain source. Also, this procedure is safer because the approach is from the side of the nerve root canal, rather than midline, with less chance for a transdural complication. CT guidance for TF/ESI/SNRB provides an added benefit in that it permits the precise scan visualization of the spine, disc, and nerve root abnormalities

Brandy x

18 yrs of pain..disc and nerve damage..
Three lower levels fused ,yr 2001..
had plenty of nerve block's and the dreaded discogram..

I am expecting more surgery?
I also had my Surgery in Britain, i moved to spain two yrs ago..