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stomach cancer - ?? feedback please!

I'm a 19 y/o female in what I would have considered great health a couple months ago.

Before anything else started to happen, I started getting extremely tired, to the point where some nights I would sleep 16 hours straight, then 12 more after a bathroom break. During the week I sleep about 6-8 hours a night, and always take a nap during the day too. I still feel exhausted.

Approx two weeks later after the onset of exhaustion, I started having incredibly sharp pain behind my ribs on the left side of my abdomen that stretched toward the area just above my belly button. That persisted for a couple days, exacerbating when I ate food, and then after a couple days of pain, I started throwing up blood, and was extremely nautious (sp?) otherwise.

I went in to see a physician who did some blood tests and other analyses and diagnosed my condition as an ulcer. I was put on pepsid, a couple of inhibitor medications for ulcers, and antibiotics for the H. pylori in my blood.

My condition got better for about 3 weeks or so, then the same thing started happening. I couldnt keep any food down, I was throwing up blood, and in incredible pain. On top of losing most of my food, I didn't have much of an appetite either... in fact, I still don't have much of one.

My parents came out to see me, and I was admitted to the hospital for some tests. They did an endoscopy, upper GI, complete blood count (CBC), and colonoscopy. The endoscopy looked a little abnormal in a couple of patchy areas, so they took some tissue to send to the lab for a biopsy (*I am currently awaiting the results of the biopsy*). The upper GI looked normal, but they told me that depending on whether or not the biopsy came back normal, I may have to get the test done again (this time having them pump air into my stomach, too). My CBC revealed that I am anemic (lower than the slightly anemic levels you'd expect in menstruating females), and that I have type A blood (I'm not sure why that makes a difference, but I read somewhere that type A gives you a genetic predisposition - moreso than other blood types, anyway - of developing stomach cancer). The colonoscopy was 100% normal.

I have H. pylori bacteria, type A blood, stomach indigestion, loss of appetite, weakness/fatigue, and am experiencing a lot of pain just below my ribs on my front left side...... my stomach is bleeding, and I'm miserable.

--> how likely is it that I have stomach cancer? the doctor I went to see mentioned multiple ulcers, liver disease, or stomach cancer to me as possibilities for why I haven't been feeling great lately.

--> If I do, in fact, have stomach cancer... what are some of the ways of handling and combatting it? After I hear the results of the biopsy, and the answer is yes, what is in store for me?

I am SO anxious to hear back from the lab with my test results, I'm practically driving myself crazy just thinking about any of those three possibilities. I would greatly appreciate any encouragement, feedback, etc., while I am still waiting.

Thank you SO much!
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