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Re: caught totally off guard

Thanks Steve,
It is 3 days post release and my dad was a lot better today. No accident and he ate pretty well. I am not kidding myself. I think we might get 6 more months. But I am crossing my fingers that the return to routine has helped. I was thinking maybe also the lack of sleep was a problem. I know in the hospital he got NO sleep and after 8 days of very little sleep I might be a bit delerious also.

How do people afford the nursing home? I mean I know that medicare will pay for it but don't you have to "spend down" assets, and also don't they put a lien on the family home? Does anyone have any experience with financing a nursing home when you don't have insurance? People have told me that unless you are rich often medicare will waive some of the lien.

I am going to see a lawyer this week, I am a lawyer although not elder care, so some of this will be answered.

How long does it take to get into a nursing home? Can you go on a waiting list and if your love one doesn't need it at the time can you pass and still stay on the list?

I will check the alzhimers association. Thanks.