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Re: caught totally off guard


Great to hear your dad is doing better. If I may ask, have you looked at the meds he is taking to make sure there are no contraindications? You would be surprised at how often a patient is prescribed meds that may not fit well with their other meds and make things worse. One reason for this, coming from personal experience, is multiple doctors prescribing meds for a patient and not knowing what the other doc is doing. And if you are using different pharmacies, they won't have all the data necessary to screen for drug interaction. Just a thought I wanted to share.
My experience for placing my dad in a nursing home included working with an elder attorney who formulated a plan to spend my dad's small savings down to the point he would qualify for state medicaid. Part of the spend down included paying for a portion of nursing home services from my dad's money. When he was approved for Medicaid, the remaining portion of what was owed to the nursing home was paid retroactively to the date of when his medicaid application was submitted.
I'm in Wash St, and found the process to be smooth, especially with the help of a qualified attorney.
When I was applying for my dad's placement in a nursing home, I needed to provide proof of payment ability. This requirement was met by providing a copy of the entire medicaid application package submitted to the state.
Since I don't know what state you are in, I don't know if you have medicaid or a similar state-ran program. In Wash St, not all nursing facilities except medicaid patients, or they only have a limited number of beds for them.
Your visit with the elder care attorney this week will answer many of your questions and with that a better sense of which direction you will want to head. (Don't worry about a lien on the family home. That can't happen.)
If you care, share with us what you find. Good luck and remember to keep asking questions!!