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Exclamation dont know wahts going on

im a 17 year old male who about four months ago went to the hospital after a cocaine incident.. i didnt OD they told me i just had a major panic attack... ever since then i have been very anxious.. slightley depressed.. feel like things are just "fake" around me once in a while and the hardest part to deal with are my racing thoughts.. i just have random thoughts all day long mostly about the things ive done in the past and how they are going to affect me later on.. i think that every little pain or something is something bad.. always jumpiong to the worst conclusion.. since the hospital episode ive never touched coke again and three weeks ago i quit smoking pot and cigarettes.. i still drink once in a while on occasion. i analyze things over and over in my head untill it makes me prettty depressed and just down in the dumps like ive messed up with all the things ive done.. my thoughts are also very "loud" i guess.. i know in my head that i will never do drugs again.. and i have changed my life around since that episode 4 months ago.. i jsut cant get over it and my obsesive thinking just doesnt go away.. i just wanted to see what some other people think it is.. anxiety...partial ocd.. depression..skitzophrenea (sp?) i highly doubt skitzophrenea but its still a thought that just pops into my head.. thanks and much appreciated..


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