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Re: dont know wahts going on

I have experienced obsessive worrying most of my life & thought it was OCD, but have been told it's only OCD once you start acting out repetitive physical acts, like turning lights on & off so many times or washing your hands a specific number of times. Mostly, the obsessive worrying is general anxiety disorder. The pot & coke probably brought on most of it. You may also be experiencing withdrawal symptoms from both. The coke should be out of your system, but as you said, you just quit smoking pot & your body is craving it. With most drugs you will have withdrawals. Have you talked to your doctor about what you are going through? It would be a good idea, he may be able to help. I'm so glad that you have realized the harm from drugs & are turning your life around. I'm sure things will get better, but please discuss this with your doctor.