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Re: Magnesium as a Cure for Reflux

I guess I'm the one that suggested Bluepumkin try magnesium to get rid of spasms. That was last July-- as he posted -- it helped him and he stuck around for awhile then stop answering requests.

I have been posting on Healthboards since October,1999. Many people come here looking for support, to shear, and for some advice. After they get it, many just quit posting. But,some of us just stick around to see if we can help others.

We are all not the same as you know and not all medication helps everybody the same. I use nutrition, homeopathic medicine, other alternatives even prayer and the laying on of hands as well as regular medicine to build health and have for many years.

I started reading my first book on nutrition about 1970 and found some things very logical and used my first Homeopathic remedy to help my wife with muscle spasms in her lower back in the early seventies. It worked so great that I got hooked on Homeopathy, as well as vitamins, minerals, supplements, chelation therapy, oxygen therapy, and others.

I don't think and neither do many Doctors think you are suppose to take PPI's for te rest of your life. Reducing the stomach acid for long periods may result in other problems and growth of bacteria. The long term may not be very good?? There is a site that addresses that problem posted by HRH in the Information Archives on this board that you may want to read it -- you now have to copy and paste the address on a search engine or copy it.

My wife took Prevacid and Prilosec for 6 years for an esophagus problem --- Nut Cracker Syndrome. The Meds started causing nausea daily -- her doctor told her to stop taking PPIs. I started giving her magnesium 4 times daily to incease absorption when the propblem start again with 2 weeks after stopping Prilosec. She has not taken Prilosec since last October and has no problems with swallowing or the feeling that food is stuck in her throat since then. I also think it has help her asthma because she has almost cut out her inhalers--- 2 puffs once at night. She only took a Cal/Mag supplement once daily for 22 years. Absorption is only about 14% taking it like that. You can get a blood screen test for magnesium if you think you need to know.

Magnesium is a mineral (really a metal about 1/3 lighter than aluminum) that is in every cell of your body and some people believe that 70% of people in the USA lack it in their system. 67% is in the bones --- the rest is in your cells. To properly absorb calcium --- you have to have magnesium to prevent Osteoporsis along with Vitamin D.

To control GERD with me -- I rearly have to take a PPI more than a few days. I control it usually with diet and magnesium as well as sometimes homeopathy. Mexican and alot of spicy food causes me problems.

I wish you well---Harry

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