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Re: Magnesium as a Cure for Reflux

Terri, I have been suffering since Jan. 1 with esophagitis. Not GERD or reflux per se' as I have no acid back up in my mouth nor any heart " burn". Mine began as slamming pain to the chest that would spread to behind one or both breasts, into my jaw and ear, down my arms, to my back, etc. upon each and every swallow. I had a barrium swallow that showed a large ulceration or mass . I had been on Fosamax for 18mos. prior so I THINK that is the cause of all mine. Anyway then I had an endoscopy that showed nothing. No ulcerations, no irritation, nothing.Nothing wrong to even biopsy.Still I had the pain upon each and every swallow of any food or water and the feeling especially of pills getting hung in my throat. My Dr put me on Aciphex in mid January , said I might have esophageal spasms now. Did not help much. This pain continues . He then had me take two Aciphex a day and when it ran out , very expensive, to go to Prilosec OTC twice a day. I did that for 3 weeks and then on my own after reading a medical journal article I added an H2 Blocker, Pepcid Ac or Zantac , I had some of each. Then I added 3 magnesium tablets, that I read about on this board. That was last week and for the first time I am better. Not good, but better. I intend to keep up this regimen for a bit and eventually try to get off the PPI's and H2 Blocker little by little and hope the magnesium will fix it. If not I am headed for a manometry . Adding the magnesium has helped me , now I don't know if it would have helped had I stopped the other meds too , I just don't know. I already take Calcium with D for my osteoporosis. I can tell you that it has not hurt me , has only helped. Lia