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Re: stomach cancer - ?? feedback please!

KareFree and clairey21, thank you for your responses. I posted this almost 3 weeks ago when I was still anticipating the results. I was diagnosed with stage 1A gastric cancer, and I was given the option to finish the last couple weeks of my semester out before undergoing surgery. Surgery itself was a few days ago, and it was by large a success. I've still got a round of radiation to go through. Thank you again for the responses, and I wish you both the best as well.

Attention Deficit Disorder. First of all, I resent the term. As far as I'm concerned most people have Attention Surplus Disorder. I mean, life being what it is, who can pay attention to anything for very long? Is it really a sign of mental health to be able to balance your checkbook, sit still in your chair, and never speak out of turn? As far as I can see, many people who don't have ADD are charter members of the Congenitally Boring.