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Administrator 05-26-2011 01:33 AM

Identifying details may attract unwanted attention...

[B]Please minimize story details and remain anonymous.[/B]

Nothing on the internet is 'secret'! All posts go onto search engines.
[COLOR="Purple"][B]Please read the rules in the FAQ before you post on this website. Be safe so you won't need to be sorry.[/B][/COLOR]

Some of the totally unecessary information that can lead to stalking:

[B][COLOR="Purple"]Any identifying info, such as -
[LIST][*]a username you use elsewhere
[*]real names
[*]the exact number of years, months
[*]dates and/or times
[*]too many specific details[/LIST][/COLOR][/B]
[COLOR="Indigo"][B][U]Please use an unidentifiable username and describe your story in generalities[/U].
(Example - state 'many' years, not ten years, and so on.) Posting detailed info may feel cathartic, but using an open forum is not a private diary.

General explanations will get the exact same support and empathy that you need and seek.[/B][/COLOR]

Kindest regards,

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