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allmixedup58 09-04-2011 08:56 AM, Son won't see
My Son married a girl that 'continues' to spread
her legs for anything coming and going. She also did this before they
married. Has a son by someone else that she went out with on prom night.
She called my son that same day and told him she was sick. Broke his heart.
He will not! do anything about her lies and deceite. they have 3 small
children. My grandkids which I love so very much. Even the one that isn't really my son's.
Many excuses, including me, her abuse as a child, she won't work and won't
keep a job longer than 3months.
I have tried and tried to stay out of it. but son just won't and refuses to
accept her activities. Her family knows only her sister. Sister won't speak to
her anymore. Sister stated she has been doing this from when they got married and she asked my son. He didn't ask her.
In Virginia, adultry is grounds for loosing everything including children. My husband and I retired last year.
If we must take on the care of these children, we will.
What can anyone do to get Son to get away from her, We all including
other son, has tried to talk to him. He refuses to do anything. He says he
loves her no matter what.
I spent all of my 'being' raising both even homeschool. They also by ages 19 had college and as for smarts, IQ's 145; 160,
yea way up there. Still the one with the above, will do nothing.
Usually these mom and daughter-in-law stories, moms are too keep out of it!
I can't bare to see son and kids being treated and hurt this way.
PLEASE tell me what to do besides, I did try to choke her one night. just laughted.

Phoenix 10-02-2011 06:02 AM

Re:, Son won't see
Hello allmixedup58,

The thing here is that your son may be in deep denial.

When emotions are involved,they can often trump intellect.

It seems that your daughter in law has issues but if neither your son(her husband) or her want to address the "elephant in the room" then there's not much that can be done on your part.

Be supportive of him and be there if the chips eventually fall(which wouldn't be a surprise).

Above all else,please don't resort to violence of any type;it only makes a bad situation worse.


katlin09 10-03-2011 10:44 AM

Re:, Son won't see
Using physical violence will do nothing but get "you" in trouble, give your daughter in law more ammunition and probably turn your son against you.

Until he decides to make a change in this situation there it nothing that you can do, you'd be smart to stay out of it and let him deal with it. You can't make a decision for someone else, they have to do that themselves.

I know it hurts to have to sit back and watch this....but honestly you don't have much choice.

You might concentrate on the kids, making sure they have sounds like they're going to need it growing up with that mom.


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