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  • New to forum...Need info on GERD, Protonix, and Palpitations

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    Old 01-25-2005, 07:45 AM   #1
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    New to forum...Need info on GERD, Protonix, and Palpitations


    Hoping someone here can help. I have been experiencing heart palpitations on and off for awhile. Doc has done EKG, echo, and I wore a monitor for a month - determined that I am experiencing PVCs. Seem to be related to my digestive system, as they typically occur after I eat. Was having symptoms of acid reflux also - gurgling in throat (not burps, I call the gurgling "gremlins" cause that's what it sounds like), regurgitation of stomach acid. I had a prescription of liquid Zantac doctor had given me previously and when I took that religiously, symptoms disappeared. Had given up caffeine years ago but also recently quit drinking all carbonated beverages and really watching what I eat. Went to doctor for recent flare-up of palpitations and he too thought they were related to acid reflux so he put me on Protonix in place of the prescription Zantac. Have been on Protonix for about 2 weeks.

    I am still having palpitations after I eat (mainly first thing in the am and after dinner). But, the frequency of them has gone way down. I am thinking that maybe I just haven't been on the Protonix long enough for complete relief and that maybe my Vagus nerve is sensitized from my acid reflux problems and will take a while to "settle down".

    Does this sound right? Does anyone know how long I should give the Protonix to work? Or, does it sound like it isn't working and I should ask my doc to put me on a different PPI?

    The palpitations are very scary and I'd like to be able to get them to go away. I am also having some very irregular menstrual cycles and am trying to get that corrected as I fear I have a hormone imbalance. Also am on Synthroid for hypothyroid and have struggled with anemia in the past - all other potential causes of palpitations.

    Just not sure how much time to give my symptoms a chance to go away. I'm thinking I should not panic until I get my hormones under control and give the Protonix more time to work. Any thoughts?

    Thanks!!! Sorry so long

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    Old 01-25-2005, 08:12 AM   #2
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    Re: New to forum...Need info on GERD, Protonix, and Palpitations

    I experienced heart palpitations for about 6 weeks. I also have anxiety with GERD. I was put on Nexium 2x a day and many symptoms have disappeared. The only time I have those bizarre heart palpitations now is when I eat chocolate (which is a huge GERD trigger for me) Maybe it will just take some time for the Protonix to work. I thought I would never get relief and it has been a long journey but I feel better now. I still take Nexium faithfully. I hope you feel relief soon.

    Old 01-26-2005, 08:33 PM   #3
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    Re: New to forum...Need info on GERD, Protonix, and Palpitations

    Protonix is not as strong PPI as other like prilosec or nexium but you need to give these drugs at least 6 weeks before you can tell they will work for you. I took free samples of Protonix for 3 weeks but it didn't seem to help, so the Dr gve me 6 weeks of free nexium and it took 4 weeks to even see the flame go down to a flicker as far as the burn goes. So he wants me on it for another 6 weeks and then maybe switch over to Protonix as a maintenance med. I've has constant 24/7 severe heartburn since August and the endoscopy showed mild Barrett's and yet I still am not completely rid of it and I try to stay away from all triggers which is all foods right now, I eat rice, cereal w/non fat milk, yogurt, I puree my veggies til I can learn to slow down with my eating, I eat on the run and now I don't eat hardly at all so I'm learning to eat small meals instead of shoving down a big meal. I did get palpatations for awhile to but I also have anxiety disorder so it is mixed.

    Old 01-28-2005, 11:54 AM   #4
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    Re: New to forum...Need info on GERD, Protonix, and Palpitations

    You should take Prilosec. I was on protonix, but my dr. switched. Prilosec works immediately.

    Old 02-09-2005, 01:30 PM   #5
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    Re: New to forum...Need info on GERD, Protonix, and Palpitations

    I'm new to forum. I have suffered from heartburn for many years, treating it with Tums and various acid reducers. Recently I started taking Prilosec OTC, and the results were immediate and excellent. Having finished the prescribed 14-day course, I stopped and the heartburn returned. I have re-started taking Prilosec and intend to stay on the regimen long term. Does anyone know if there are problems taking this medicine long term?

    Old 02-09-2005, 03:35 PM   #6
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    Re: New to forum...Need info on GERD, Protonix, and Palpitations

    I have been on Prevacid since 1994. I just recently went on the generic the same way... It does all work well, and I have no problems from it. My problem is the cost....I just got a book call "Natural cures they don't want you to know about" by Kevin Trudeau...I tried the natural cure for acid reflux....believe it or not, it is 2 teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar before each meal. It really works.....I was astounded....I had acid reflux really bad one day, and thought okay, I am going to try was instantly gone......He says we get acid reflux due to lack of acid, not too much...the apple cider vinegar proved him correct....PLEASE TRY IT, YOU WILL BE AMAZED... I ALSO STAY AWAY FROM FRIED AND FATTY FOOD, AND CAFFEINE, CHOCOLATE....THOSE ARE THE WORST OFFENDERS....LET ME KNOW HOW IT WORKS FOR YOU...GOD BLESS.....

    Old 05-22-2005, 12:47 AM   #7
    She Wolf
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    Smile Re: New to forum...Need info on GERD, Protonix, and Palpitations

    To YKCEB:

    Hi, I'm new here and a search on the benefits of using apple cider vinegar brought me to this board and your post. My father in law reccomended this to me, as I too suffer from Gerd. I have been on Nexium now for approx. 3 years and recently stopped taking it because I have been rapidly gaining weight and read somewhere that these acid reflex meds. can cause weight gain as a side effect.

    I've been off of Nexium for approx 1 week now and am constantly experiancing symptoms of heart burn and acid reflux. My question to you is this:

    You mentioned that you bought this book "Natural cures that they don't want you to know about" This is interesting as I just saw a tv program this morning where the author of this book was being interviewed about the book. And then I see your post tonight! Weird. Anyway, I almost bought the book except money is a bit tight right now. I was wondering if you could tell me how to take this dosage? Do you take it straight before each meal or do you mix it with water and if so how much?

    Thanks in advance for your help, I really need to get this book, as it sounds like the real deal!

    God bless you too.

    Old 05-22-2005, 11:44 AM   #8
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    Re: New to forum...Need info on GERD, Protonix, and Palpitations

    Palpitations can flucuate during the month along with your period naturally GERD or no GERD.
    If your getting anxious about having palps you will cause yourself to get more. I have mitral valve prolapse (a floppy valve ) Any upset to my system causes palps especially GERD and unfortunatley I also have anxiety for which I take xanax to help rid me of the cycle of palps thats causes my anxiety which causes me more palps.
    When I was on PREVACID I hardly had any palps. Protonix was the same as prevacid, Nexium the palps came back. It took about 4 weeks for my GERD and palps to get under control on the prevacid.
    Coughing stimulates the vagus nerve and can stop palps if your getting them one on top another.
    Do a seach on Mitral valve prolapse, even if you dont have it, there are some great ways to help palpitations on those sites. Also A doctor can only diagnose MVP through echocardiogram or they can hear a clicking while listening to your heart. EKG and Palps wont show it. My symptoms of MVP where chest pains & palpitations both of which got better after I started the PPI's

    Old 05-22-2005, 08:37 PM   #9
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    Re: New to forum...Need info on GERD, Protonix, and Palpitations

    Hey, I have MVP also and the nexium made mine worse but prilosec or prevaced doen't seem to bother it. Seems everyone I know of who has MVP also has anxiety disorder and GERD certainly doesn't help. Have you been to the Mitral Valve Prolapse home page? I was diagnosed with MVP back in 84 and diagnosed with GERD in 04 and that is when my palps got a bit better after getting the GERD under control which took 8 months to find the right med for it. Prilosec OTC worked the fastest and the best of all of them. In fact in 2003 I had a pulmonary function test that showed a very poor lung function ( I was having shortness of breath)and then in Jan of 2005 I had the test again after being on PPI for 6 months, my pulmonary function test was normal, they attributed the 2003 test to the GERD. I felt relief then but I still was having the burn til April, it's been under control now for 2 months. so it even helped my MVP symptoms which are breathlessness, anxiety, chest pain and palpatations.

    Old 05-24-2005, 01:10 AM   #10
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    Re: New to forum...Need info on GERD, Protonix, and Palpitations

    I have taken Protonix on many occasions and its my ppi of choice. It takes my heartburn away completely. It is different for many people though, some drugs just work on certain individuals and not on others. Best to try a few different ones like Nexium as well.

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