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LPR & Diet

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Old 02-25-2005, 07:05 AM   #1
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LPR & Diet

I was curious, are you all following a strict diet for your LPR symptoms? Are there certain foods that make you feel worse? I have been avoiding all citrus and most dairy but I do drink a little coffee in the morning. Its so hard to give that up. I find that homemade soups soothe my throat and help it to clear. I would like to hear your input.

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Old 08-17-2005, 11:40 AM   #2
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kujaabi HB User
Re: LPR & Diet

I would be interested in replies from all you veterans out there regarding MDB's question.

I was wondering about following a pretty strict diet (eating only the "green" light foods as opposed to the "yellow" and "red" light ones). I am finding it hard to give up my tea each day (although the "adult" beverages and my daily garlic have not been quite as difficult).

Is there a thread somewhere dealing with diet issues and LPR/GERD?

Old 10-29-2005, 06:27 PM   #3
Scarlet Knight
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Scarlet Knight HB User
Re: LPR & Diet

Helo everybody. I've been trying to wrap my mind around the LPR-diet issue forever. You could say I am a veteran with LPR, having dealt with it since June 2003. I think diet and LPR is an extremely complicated issue, so forgive me if I go on a little long. Whether a person has to stick to the diet, i think, depends on certain questions I've had difficulty finding answers to.

My problem was that I could rarely see a clear cause and effect between food and my symptoms. When I first had my LPR, it was severe and diet seemed irrelevant. Sticking to the approved foods produced no improvement in my symptoms. It got to the point where I was eating three Frosties a day - they're loaded with fat - just because I needed SOMETHING to soothe my burning throat. And you know what? I didn't feel any worse after eating the frosties.

Yes, there have been times when I ate a bad food and clearly felt its effects. But guess what? 95% of the time, that didn't happen. I'd eat a bad food and pretty much feel exactly the same as I did before I ate it, no major effects. Sometimes, I'd be eating a good food, like a turkey sandwhich, and I'd gag on it. Whenever I ate a soft pretzel, which is one of the safest foods a person with GERD could eat, it would literally jump right out of my stomach. So go figure.

To me, the key question is whether diet produces just short-term effects, or whether it produces long-term effects as well. Obviously, if you eat a hamburger and you feel heartburn, you'd realize you shouldn't eat hamburgers. That's easy.

But let's say you eat a hamburger and it doesn't do anything to you. Is it then a "safe" food? Can you eat one every day? Or will the combined effect of 10, 20, 40 hamburger eventually catch up with you and cause your symptoms to flare up, even if on hamburgers #1-39 you felt nothing?

Conversely, how long do you have to stay on the GERD diet to see if it matters? Is it something you'd be able to tell in a couple of days or weeks? Or is it possible that you must avoid bad foods for several months to see the beneficial effect of the GERD diet?

Are the effects of food always temporary? Can one mistake cause prolonged symptoms? Is it possible that, for instance, you might eat pizza one night, and it causes a surge of acid that hits your larnyx, leaving a burn on it that might take months to fully heal? Or does it take repeated contact with acid from many meals to do any significant damage to the larynx?

What level of discomfort must I feel for a food to be considered "dangerous"? Can I only eat foods that don't give me any trouble at all, or is it up to me decide what I can handle? Where do I draw the line? If I can eat pizza and my only symptom is a little bit of stomach fullness or belching, odds are I'm just gonna put up with it and eat the pizza. What symptoms are just a temporary result of what you ate, and what symptoms are signs of trouble in the future if you ignore them?

Is it possible that when I eat something bad, even if I don't FEEL any symptoms, some kind of hidden damage is being done?

I've been wondering all these things for a long time. Would love to hear your input.

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Old 10-29-2005, 11:10 PM   #4
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orchidlizard HB User
Re: LPR & Diet

I've been having the worst heartburn for the past week or so... so I decided to go on a diet for GERD. I'm finding it EXTREMELY difficult. It seems all the good food out there (ie. the greasy ones, the ones containing caffeine, and the sour/hot ones) are all what trigger heartburn.

Old 10-30-2005, 03:35 AM   #5
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travel767 HB User
Re: LPR & Diet

I have GERD and would like to add a few thoughts about diet. I was diagnosed two months ago so this has been my experience since being diagnosed, and also thinking back to the years beforehand.

I think everything you eat or drink that is not in the recommended diet has an additive affect on your symptoms. For example, if your LPR or GERD is under control and you have a pizza or a couple beers one night, chances are it's not going to affect you. But if the next day you go out and have a fried dish for lunch and pepsi to drink, your stomach is also going to remember the pizza from last night and maybe hit you back hard. Whenever my symptoms are bad the next day after a few beers the night before, I think to myself why is that because two weeks ago I was fine after a few drinks. Then I think back to how my diet was different for the week before and that usually answers my question.

Of course everyone is different. I might be able to tolerate a pizza and a hamburger a week while that might push someone else over the edge for days. It seems the most difficult part about diet is figuring what combination works and doesn't work through experience.

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Old 10-30-2005, 06:56 AM   #6
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orchidlizard HB User
Re: LPR & Diet

I'm like a compulsive eater and avoiding all the foods I love is so hard. I had one measley slice of pizza last night and that was all I needed to have to trigger a massive episode of heartburn =P

Old 10-30-2005, 02:28 PM   #7
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Dianam HB User
Re: LPR & Diet

Hiya ..I totally agree with you all..its kinda hard to figure out ..Ive had gerd for 18 months now ..Ive had good days when Ive gone out and had a couple of lagers with no consequence and Ive had bad days which have made me depressed and thinking I cant feel any worse then I already do Ive eaten ice cream to soothe my throat which has not made the gerd any worse..I do however normally try to stick to the rules ..general low fat diet..But I have taken myself of the ppi's (nexium) and for the last 10 days now have been taking a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar (twice daily)..2 enzyme tabs before each meal and 2 DGL chewable liquorice tablets together with a probiotic yoghurt drink(the good bacteria for your tummy) once a day ..for the last few days I have been experimenting a little with food rather than sticking to the bland stuff partly because I have lost weight through this darn disease and am starting to look ill!..I only weigh 47.5 kilogrammes.. I need to bulk up!!...having about 4 cups of tea a day ..a piece of cake..some biscuits..meat pie ..even a few potato chips far ok..the only things I am actually scared to try are tomatoes,cheese and cauliflour as I feel all these things have contributed to giving me bad gerd attacks in the past.. sure I burp a little especially after the tea but I can live with that!.. Im not saying this is working ..its still early days.. I will probably end up with a massive gerd attack ..but least I might look a bit healthier while Im having it!..joking aside I sympathise with you all this is such a nasty disease and nobody truly knows until they have it ..but I figure you dont know what works for you till you try it thats what im doing!..and at least I know what im taking is all natural medication!
take care all

Old 10-30-2005, 07:40 PM   #8
Red Maple
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Red Maple HB UserRed Maple HB User
Re: LPR & Diet

I was diagnosed last fall (2004) with LPR. This past spring I was so sick and tired of trying to figure what I could eat, what I could do, what pills to take etc. that I started concentrating on making diet and life style changes to improve my general health overall. I stopped worrying about LPR specifically, and started concerning myself with the digestive system as a whole. I have been very successful with this approach. I make sure to get lots of fresh fruits and veggies (at least 8 servings) EVERY day, and enough fiber (bran, bran, bran...) to keep the digestion moving. I have a "greens" smoothie daily to get the needed vitamins and minerals. Vitamin pills tend to upset my stomach so the greens are a really good way for me to go, and they assimilate into your body easier than a vitamin pill. I also take digestive enzymes, and probiotics daily to support a healthy digestive system as a whole (intestines, liver, gallblatter etc.), not just my stomach. I exercise regularly-whether I feel like it or not, whether I have time for it or not, whether it's convienient or not. I have found that I feel much better by living good general health standards to improve my overall health. This past July, I stopped taking PPI's (was on 2x a day for about 10 months with little real change in my LPR symptoms). Now I am usually LPR symptom free, sometimes I'll get a little tickle in the back of my throat, but certainly not like the "grapefruit stuck in my throat" feeling that I had before. I really believe that with great nutrition, exercise, rest, and lowering stress, I have given my body the opportunity to "regulate" itself, and heal the damage from the reflux. It is NOT easy, and did NOT happen overnight but rather over several months. Often I felt like giving up because I didn't get that immediate gratification that we have all come to expect by taking a "pill" to cure our ills. But now, after about 6 months; I feel better overall, have more energy etc. and to me, it's well worth the small sacrifices in cutting out the foods and "bad" health habits that don't really add any value to my life. I also figure that if I am going to have health problems in the future (and we all do as we age), I'll be one step ahead with a very healthy body going into any kind of treatment, rather than a body depleted of nutrition, weaken immune system, etc. I have come to really believe that my body is much smarter than I give it credit, it knows how to take care of itself, heal itself, etc. if I just give it the proper support it needs to "do it's thing". Maybe others won't be as successful, but for me making good general health a top priority, and a habit, has helped a lot.

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sofacouch (09-26-2012)
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