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Justin1889 07-03-2005 09:12 AM

PH Test results.......what does this mean?
A few months ago I was having alot of shortness of breaths problems. I had 4 different lung test, a stress test, and a heart cath that all came back as nothing was wrong. I saw an ENT which said my throat was irritated and said you probably have acid reflux even though I had absolutely no symptoms at the time except for this shortness of breath. I then saw a GI doctor which did a 48 hour ph test and determined that I had very very mild acid reflux and said it's nothing to really worry about. Well 4 months later my shortness of breath problem is solved......turned out all it was is stress. I have been feeling good except for a constant feeling of mucus in my throat that is always there and I can't cough it up. I have tried mucinex for 10 days straight with no results. My normal doctor swears its acid reflux and put me on Zantac which I took for 30 days with no results. I am just wondering would VERY VERY MILD acidreflux cause a lump feeling in your throat?? :confused: Or could it be post nasal drip or something along the lines of that??

mjcm123 07-03-2005 11:17 AM

Re: PH Test results.......what does this mean?
Lump in throat can definitely be a sign of acid reflux. Zantac is probably not strong enough if that is what it is. If the acid reflux reaches the throat you need to try a ppi, preferably twice a day.

Red Maple 07-03-2005 09:19 PM

Re: PH Test results.......what does this mean?
You could be suffering from LPR or laryngopharyngeal reflux. Do a web search on "laryngopharyngeal" reflux and many web sites will come up with a great deal of information. I was diagnosed last October with LPR and the sooner you address it the better it will be! It's usually is not a serious illness, but can be VERY uncomfortable. See a good ENT for treatment and best of luck. Keep us posted to your progress. There are many of us who regularly visit this board who have LPR and are always interested in someone else's experiences to compare to ours.

Justin1889 07-04-2005 08:24 AM

Re: PH Test results.......what does this mean?
I've read around quite a bit about LPR and I am wondering wouldn't my PH test show that I have acid reflux? The GI doc said that I had very very low signs of acid reflux. If I have LPR wouldn't the ph test come back showing it?? :confused:

mjcm123 07-04-2005 08:44 AM

Re: PH Test results.......what does this mean?
Did you have a single or double probe? In order to diagnose LPR you need to have a double probe. If it was a double probe, as GERD is a variable disease, not a constant, it could be it was not a bad day for you. If it was a single probe, it takes much less acid to aggravate the throat, larynx, etc. So if the single probe said mild acid reflux for the esophogus, it is not an accurate read for the throat, it is worse for the throat.

Red Maple 07-04-2005 09:37 AM

Re: PH Test results.......what does this mean?
I agree with mjcm, the PH test could give inconclusive results for LPR. There probably could be a variety of reasons why this probe doesn't indicate LPR. One of the most common symptoms of LPR is the sensation of something stuck in your throat, and excess muscus. That's probably why your doc is trying that first. However, a lump in the throat symptom could also be from sinus problems, post nasal drip, anxiety/stress, or a whole host of other reasons the rest of us with LPR don't know about. Obviously, it's probably best to look into all possibilities.

At any rate, it sounds like you could be in for a bunch of more tests to figure out just what's causing this since you aren't convinced it's really LPR. :confused: Hope your doctors are able to help you find relief soon! Again, hang in there, and keep us posted!

Justin1889 07-04-2005 08:18 PM

Re: PH Test results.......what does this mean?
The crazy thing is that they are saying it has to be LPR, but won't do anymore test. My insurance doesn't cover prescriptions and all the acid reflux medicines are way too expensive to "experiment" to see if this fixes it. My ENT told me to take Prilosec OTC for 4-6 months and the symptoms should go away, but what if it isn't LPR?? Do I wait for 6 months and then we will try something else and see if they can figure it out this time around?? :confused:

Red Maple 07-05-2005 11:35 AM

Re: PH Test results.......what does this mean?
Justin--Don't ya just love our health care system???!!! I realize that our medical professionals don't have a crystal ball to give an accurate diagnosis every time--but PLEEEEASE, give us patients a break! I hear you when you say you don't want to "experiment" around for 6 months, and then what? I was diagnosed last October with LPR-I had absolutely NO common symptoms of reflux disease, no heartburn what so ever, have NEVER had problems with my digestion system and always have been able to eat whatever I want without any difficutly at all. I am very active, exercise regularly, and no way overweight. I was VERY, VERY skeptible of the diagnosis.

Just to let you know my experiences with my diagnosis of LPR for comparison to what you have. My problem started out as a feeling of a "hair" tickling the back of my throat. I am an avid gardener so I thought I just had an allergic reaction to some pollen or something. The sensation progressed to feeling like my throat was coated with "peach fuzz", from there I felt like I had a "hair ball" stuck in the back on my throat. This took a period of about 3 weeks. By that time I was starting to get really worried as I have also had a small tumor in my thyroid a year previously that needed to be removed surgically. I called my ENT (who is also a thyroid cancer specialist) and had to wait 6 weeks for an appointment! During that 6 weeks time the "lump in the throat" just continued to get worse to where I felt like there was a grapefruit stuck in there! Needless to say, my fears and worries about thyroid cancer continued to increase! My ENT doc did a scope down my nose and found redness and inflammation to the throat and vocal cords, with my other symptoms, he diagnosed me with LPR. I was greatly relieved that he found no sign of a tumor etc. but he also sent me in for a complete throat/thyroid ultrasound just to be sure. (everything checked out fine) He put me on Prevacid 30 mg. 2x day for LPR. Of course the insurance companies don't want to pay out benefits for 2x a day. Now I had a battle with the insurace company to pay benefits as they felt that 1x a day was enough for "heartburn". (unilke you, at least I have benefits). I continued on PPI's 2x a day and did not get ANY relief of symptoms until about March, or approximately 6 months. During that 6 months time, I continued to be wary that it really was LPR that was bothering me. I must admit, sometimes I still wonder if maybe it couldn't be something else even though the PPI therapy has really helped. When I did start to feel better I contacted my doc's office to see what I was supposed to do from there forward. He was not available so I spoke with his assistant who is a resident, and she took my prescription down from 2x a day to 1x a day. BIG MISTAKE!!!! I don't think I got significantly worse, but the progess I was making stopped completely. After a few weeks I called the doctor back, had to start over with the insurance hassel again (which delayed me another several weeks), and got back on 2x a day of Nexium this time in late May. (insurance dropped Prevacid as a preferred med). I think I am again making positive progress.

Sorry this has gotten so long, but want to give you enough info to make a good comparison to your situation. I don't even know if my situation and yours are the similar. Something that that has helped me is the addition of digestive enzymes to my diet. I started taking enzymes about a month ago in addition to the PPI's, and can happily say I am feeling almost back to normal. I also eat a lot of yogurt, and take acidolophilis supplements from the health food store. If nothing else, I think these supplements really support my digestive system to work at it's optimum level. Both are fairly inexpensive, and easy to obtain--no insurance hassels! I also found that chewing gum was very soothing to me for the irritation from the LPR. I have also watched my diet, though I can honestly say I find no significant difference to the LPR symptoms regardless of what I eat. Propping my bed up as is suggested for reflux disease did nothing for me, other than make me uncomfortable causing me to loose sleep and thus add fatigue to my problem.

Perhaps it would be beneficial for you to start on PPI therapy with the OTC Prilosec, but also continue your search for another cause of your problems. If it is LPR, the sooner you start PPI therapy, the sooner you will likely feel better. Unfortunately, for me, and for most LPR sufferers, this is a very long and drawn out process. Being in the dark about whether this is really what's wrong with you or not just adds to the frustration. At least with these boards you are not alone, and we can all share our excperiences to help each other. Good Luck!

Justin1889 07-05-2005 01:42 PM

Re: PH Test results.......what does this mean?
I called the GI doctor that I saw a few months ago and left a message asking "if acid reflux could be causing this lump feeling in my throat"?? His nurse called me back and told me that he said that the acid was so minimal that there wasn't anyway that it could be causing this and that it must be something else." I called and left my normal doctor a message of what the GI doctor said so I am curious to see what he says. It's funny how my regular doc and the ENT I saw say it is acid reflux and the GI doc says that there isn't anyway it could be reflux.

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