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Randy86 07-09-2005 07:02 PM

How long until this gets better?
I have suffered from Gerd for many years. I had an endoscopy about six weeks ago. I found out that there is one tiny spot in my esophagus that has Barrett's, and my esophagus was somewhat inflamed. Two doctors told me that as long as I take Prilosec, the chances of cancer are one in a hundred. In the last six weeks, I have been very careful what I eat and have lost 15 pounds (I need to lose another 20). The dull pain that I felt in my esophagus has gotten somewhat better, however I can still feel a dull discomfort in the lower throat on occassion. In addition, a couple of months ago, the Gerd had caused my vagus nerve to react, and then my heartbeat to slow down. It seems that my esophagus was inflamed and my vagus nerve became very sensitive to this.

My question is this. Everything has gotten a little bit better. But my vagus nerve is still somewhat sensitive (especially upon laying down) although not as bad as before. I also feel an occassional, dull discomfort or pain. How long does it take to get rid of the symptoms completely, when I am eating low fat, healthy foods and avoiding all things that are known to be bad for Gerd? Can stress play a role?

Thanks in advance,

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