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jenny1983 05-06-2006 08:34 PM

cant take it nomore
ok im getting fustrated with my acid reflux :mad: .Anything i eat now i mean anything i get acid reflux :blob_fire i dont know wats going on. My throat gets so tight that it feels like i am going to stop breathing . I have to tap my chest so i could burp wen i do burp i feel releif, but its just temp, and it keeps me up all nite . I have been drinking apple cyder vinaiger wich in the bigining it worked, i mean it still works but i still have some acid reflux sympotms.I also changed my way of eating to, i dont eat greasy ,spicy food (sometimes :rolleyes: i do) and if i eat something healthy i still get it ahhhhh i want to eat normal with no cide affects after wards.Ohh one more thing....i know this is nasty but wen flem comes up from my throat my breath smells horrible i mean reall bad and its coming from my stomach

lynniebellz 05-10-2006 06:32 PM

Re: cant take it nomore
I am right there with you. can't take it anymore either. I have been on Aciphex for 5 weeks and I still can't eat regular food. I am going for the scope in a few weeks. I wonder if anyone else is on meds and how long did it take to work. I also have that horrible feeling in my throat all day long. like a burning, scratchy feeling. I hate it!!!!!

taape 05-10-2006 06:43 PM

Re: cant take it nomore
I've been on Aciphex and then Protonix for 3 months and I can't eat regular food. I know you didn't want to hear this. I don't have a diagnosis either yet but maybe an ulcer caused by medication.

lynniebellz 05-11-2006 02:18 PM

Re: cant take it nomore
I would love to hear from someone who has been on medication and they have resumed thier normal life. that would be nice to hear. I tried the ACV this morning OMG I thought I was going to die. the taste was horrible and it burned like crazy....I have had heartburn all day. Well I'll keep searching.

anonymouswreck 05-11-2006 03:03 PM

Re: cant take it nomore
Yah I have to tap too, just to get a burp up. It's the most horrific thing in the world isn't it. Have you guys looked up LPR? It's a form of this blasted acid reflux disease. Might help you find some answers about your throat burning up. My throat is always filled with mucus, and I hate the rule about waiting to lie down after you eat. But as hard as it is, we'll get through it.

chez1947 05-29-2006 01:44 AM

Re: cant take it nomore
A good remedy for heartburn is bicarbonate of soda ( boric acid) a teaspoon in a small glass of milk, it tastes salty but it sure works.


Bilbobeth 05-30-2006 05:53 AM

Re: cant take it nomore
Would you sufferers take a look at my thread about throat trouble. I am at my wits end with this mucous lark! I get some of your symptoms too but my barium and endsocopy showed nothing more than acid reflux. I cant take PPI's as I have tried three now and had really bad side effects where I feel worse instead of better.

pohaku 05-31-2006 12:31 AM

Re: cant take it nomore
I agreed with Chez, bicarbonate soda (baking soda) is really work, everyone should give it a try, I was recently taking a new med( for me anyway) called Zegerid, it is a combination of Prelosec and baking soda, I took it half hour before I go to bed, I no longer wake up in the night and it is a big relief for me, having the acid in your tube all night long is not a good thing. Thanks Chez for bringing it up.

Ol'Line Rebel 05-31-2006 06:21 AM

Re: cant take it nomore
Maybe I'm just remembering wrongly, but I really don't think you want to tell people to take [I]boric acid[/I]. I'm thinking ant-killer here which has warnings to keep yourself clean from it.

Blondesasha 06-01-2006 08:09 PM

Re: cant take it nomore
Apples! Who woulda thought. I was researching this last night and found info on the Net that said a slice of apple would work - I happened to have Gala apples so I ate 1/2 of one - just to be sure it would work. It did!!! This afternoon I decided to try just a slice and GREAT RESULTS! It'll make you burp (seriously) and give relief better than anything (including meds) I've found. Gonna keep on using them! Maybe the "apple a day keeps the doctor away" saying is really true!

patricia jean 07-18-2006 03:02 PM

Re: cant take it nomore
I can't take it any more either... Iv'e been suffering with acid reflux and shortness of breath for years..Nothing works, not even Nissen matter what I eat it bothers me.....I have tried everything..nothing works....Pat

patricia jean 07-19-2006 07:49 PM

Re: cant take it nomore
I have been suffering with acid reflux for years...even had the Nissen surgery ( which didn't work )...tried 20 different kinds of meds...tried all kinds of healing remedies...raised the head of the bed...changed my diet by eating less but more often...NOTHING WORKS ! Pat

kerri0500 07-20-2006 06:00 AM

Re: cant take it nomore
I am eating less and it is actually helping! I am trying a new way of eating to see if i get results from that. This morning i ate 1/2 what i normally do and feel good right now. I think i might try this for some weeks and see what happens. Good luck all!

patricia jean 07-25-2006 04:36 PM

Re: cant take it nomore
I can't take it anymore either...I have been struggling with acid reflux for four years now, even had the Nissen surgery ( which failed ) I have shortness of breath 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days of the year...I burn so bad at night it feels like I have a torch on my chest. I belch all of the time, and my throat is always raw, plus I have stuff in my throat, my breath smells, and I am depressed....Pat:dizzy:

tlily 07-25-2006 05:31 PM

Re: cant take it nomore
My heart goes out to all of us. I do not know what to do either. It seems to affect all our lives in so many ways. I pray that all of us feel better soon. There is always hope that things will get better. Sometimes it is hard to have faith but that is what we have to have. Something has to work.


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