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Chaotic-Five 08-14-2006 04:13 PM

Long wait for appt. - possible acid reflux is driving me CRAZY!!!
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It all started about 2 weeks ago with about 4 days of crazy constipation which came with a lot of bloating of course. As I was getting that under control, for the next week and a half I started to get all these other symptoms. Those symptoms include chest tightness/pain down the center (never moving to either side, back or shoulder area), burning in throat at first - now just sore and slightly swollen tonsils, shortness of breath/unsatisfying yawns/deep breathing (which sometimes will last up an hour or more), some regurgitation, an unproductive cough , and a feeling of a small irritating lump or “thing” in the way back of my throat. I also developed what seem to be majorly inflamed taste buds on the back of my tongue which burned a little for the first 2 days. I am also still having (now minor) constipation problems and bloating.

Having an anxiety disorder, no insurance, and my earliest appt. at a health dept isn’t until Sept. 15th , I was and still kind of am flipping out. After some internet research, I decided this might be Acid Reflux, so I stopped drinking all juice of any kind (which I used to drink at least 2 to 4 cups of a day - like smoothies & V8 splash). Within 2 days of stopping intake of juice, all the symptoms above have gone down in incredible amount. I am still having them but they are nowhere near what they were. I don’t burp often, maybe 3 times a day and when I do It’s a very deep, out of my norm, ogre sounding noise and I do feel a bit better, for a little while, afterwards. Could this be acid reflux, GERD, or maybe even an ulcer?:confused: If so, would it be okay for me to take tagment, prilosec or what ever else there is until I can go to my appt in Sept? Chewable antacids aren’t really doing the trick. The shortness of breath and the persitant chest discomfort are really starting to get to me and letting my mind wonder off to think maybe it's more than acid reflux....

Any info will help and maybe give my “worked up“ self some piece of mind for awhile. Thanks!! :wave:

Extra Info:

Age 26
5’ 4”
198 lbs (215lbs last June so I’m working on it)
Smoker - est. 1 pack a day (lights)
Exercise (½ - 1 mile walk 4 times a week - chaotic everyday running around & housework)
Tubal legation 3 years ago (after 3 kids)
Poly cystic ovarian syndrome (discovered 4 months ago)
Take “Alesse” birth control for hormones for the “PCOS” above
Waiting on Glucophage (from free medicine Foundation) also for the “PCOS” above
Don’t worry, I also have an appt. for my anxiety issues too!

backslide05 08-14-2006 04:33 PM

Re: Long wait for appt. - possible acid reflux is driving me CRAZY!!!
i don't want to diagnose you officially but from reading your post it sounds like it could be LPR, or silent reflux. you can look it up and read about it. Lots of people here have it, myself included, and I can relate to most of your symptoms.
The drug treatment is PPIs twice a day or double dose once a day, and some of us are trying other methods, eating carefully and avoiding stress, (yeah right) best we can.
i'm always surprised how many young people are coming down with this condition, and wonder what is contributing to it?
a good ENT or gastro doctor can help you get it sorted out. But it doesn't hurt to educate yourself either!
good luck and hope you feel better soon:wave:

MountainReader 08-14-2006 05:23 PM

Re: Long wait for appt. - possible acid reflux is driving me CRAZY!!!
There are other dietary things you can to that may help if it is reflux.

Avoid caffine, chocolate, tea, coffee, high fat foods-including fried foods, spicy foods, all citrus and tomato products.

You can look through some past threads to get more dietary ideas.

Also, avoid eating at least 3 hours before you lie down for the night. Some people find that raising the head of the bed 4-6 inches helps, others don't.

Chaotic-Five 08-14-2006 07:58 PM

Re: Long wait for appt. - possible acid reflux is driving me CRAZY!!!
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Thanks to both of least I can try to rest my mind a little. The chest discomfort is what gets me the most and makes me worry (and boy do I worry). I can't stand it. You know, I can recall not even 3 months ago, a friend and myself chowing down on a bag of hot fries without a problem at all and that's how it's always been for me but now in a matter of 2 weeks all this happens and it's been EVERYDAY almost all day. Ah well. Anyway, Thanks again for replying and helping me out. I will have to adjust my diet I suppose, if I don't want to go insane over this :dizzy: The doctor, I have no choice about but to wait until my mid-Sept. apointment

BTW: Any ideas on how to make yourself burp? :yawn: Like I said in my first post, I can only do it about 3 times a day and it does relieve the chest discomfort a little so hey I'm all for burping like Shrek, even if it's just to have some brief relief

**What are PPIs??

**What is there left to drink?!?! :( I already removed all citrus/fruity drinks and removed my ever so loved coke. I have one cup of french vanilla cap. instant coffee ( I call it candy coffee) in the morning and another at around doesn't seem to bother me (that I'm aware of). Besides those two cups (since about a week and a half ago) I just drink water. I guess it could be worse though. :)

** Can I take like a Pepcid Ac pill once a day and still maybe chew a Tums or two when needed?

**Haha hrrm maybe I should go ahead and move myself over to the 'anxiety' board.... :)


Harry 08-14-2006 09:19 PM

Re: Long wait for appt. - possible acid reflux is driving me CRAZY!!!
Your body is made up of 75% water so every other thing you drink has to be converted to water byyour liver. So, drinking water is good for you.
Like you said -- you should try changing your diet to something that is at least a more bland --not so much Acidic food. Eating yogurt may help the bloating by re-balancing the good bacteria in your Gastro tract.

A PPI is a Proton Pump Inhibitor that reduces the acid pumped into stomach by the cells that produce stomach acid -- the one that you can buy w/o a prescription is --Prilosec OTC--- It may help.

MountainReader 08-15-2006 05:37 PM

Re: Long wait for appt. - possible acid reflux is driving me CRAZY!!!

I can't help you with the burping. That was one of my primary symptoms. I was costantly burping. I can tell you that every time I bent over or did something that scrunched my stomach, the burping got worse.

I drink water, water, water, soy milk, water, water, water. When my symptoms are really under control, I may occassionally splurge and have a glass of iced tea. Sorry it isn't better news. I used to drink a lot of tea and pop in addition to the water I have always consumed.

If you are overweight, losing a bit is also recommended. Also, wearing clothes that are loose around the waist is recommended.

You are not alone in your sudden onset of symptoms. That is how mine started.

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