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Mr. Natural 09-03-2006 01:39 PM

Best defense against regular heartburn
I've suffered from heartburn over and over in the past. I just wanted to share with others what has worked for me. After doing some research into the nature of heartburn, I've found that contrary to popular belief, heartburn isn't caused by too much acid in the body, but not enough acid. What generally happens is that food you eat goes into the body and your body is not producing enough acid to help digest the food. The food sits there and a gas is formed and builds up in the esophogus and that's what the pain is from. So to counter that, simply by adding a little acid in the form of a teaspoon of apple-cider vinegar, you help your body break down the food much better. It is also a good idea I've found out to not drink anything when you eat. Your body produces naturally occuring acid in your stomach to help break down the food. Any kind of liquid will help water the potency down which could add to the heartburn. Best thing that works for me is to eat your food slowly and chew very thoroughly before swallowing. Take your time and eat with a relaxed, peaceful attitude. Believe it or not, your mood has an effect on your digestion. Then after a meal, take a teapsoon of apple-cider vinegar. This usually helps. Another thing that I have found that works is taking digestive enzymes. When you eat a lot of cooked food, it's harder for your body to digest cause all the enzymes in the cooked food have been heated and therefore killed. So to compensate, your body has to produce it's own enzymes to help break down the cooked food. Enzymes are used in your body for virtually every activity of man...from thinking, to breathing, to moving your bowels. Enzymes also help keep you immune system strong. So by eating lots of cooked food, you are asking your body to draw away from it's natural supply to help digest foods which leaves things like the immune system more vulnerable. It's best to try and make the diet as raw as possible....depending on organic raw veges and fruits for the bulk of your diet. This way more enzymes are spared and will be able to do their job elsewhere in your body where they are needed rather than being wasted on digestion which should be left alone cause living fresh raw food has it's own enzymes to break itself down, not to mention they are full of natural vitamins and minerals and are better for you than processed foods from boxes.

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