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Crystalgray 02-01-2007 08:31 AM

LPR and bad breath-Anyone have this problem?
I have been having problems with acid reflux for over a year now and so far I have yet to discover why? I am not overweight, I eat well and I am not allergic to anything. Beyond that I have had horrible sinus pain/ pressure, nasal congestion, runny nose, headaches and [COLOR="Red"]really really bad breath (not just when I talk). The first gastro physician said the smell was happening because of the reflux. The next said they were completely seperate issues-the smell was from my nasal problems (post nasal drip). Well I started Protonix 2 mos ago and it has lessened my nasal problems-no more congestion and PND yet the smell is still bad.
People hold their nose when I talk and sense my nose isn't congestion anymore I can smell it as well. Has anyone expereinced the same thing. My tonsils are always bright red, I was thinking they were infected or something. Does anyone have red tonsils? The back of my throat is always sore and the smell seems to be coming from there yet both doctors say something different.

I am confused, embarrassed and frustrated.

JOG1151 02-01-2007 08:51 AM

Re: LPR and bad breath-Anyone have this problem?
Not sure if this wil help...but it helped me with the "bad" taste I had in my mouth.

I put 1 drop of tea tree oil (you can get it at your local health food store) on my toothpaste before brushing my teeth. It's supposed to kill bacteria. I also chew Arm and hammer sugarless baking soda gum for about 15 minutes after meals.

I hope thishelps... you floss and get your teeth cleaned regularly?

hairier yet.. 02-01-2007 09:46 AM

Re: LPR and bad breath-Anyone have this problem?

This is simple but I hope it may help.. First let me say I've always heard people with bad sinuses suffer breath problems. I have bad sinuses but don't. I had a bout with bad breath years ago, then finally figured out the cause and it was so simple. You may already practice this, but be darn sure your tounge is completely clean and free of plaque build up. The regimen I do daily isn't hard, but it takes discipline and especially getting use to. You have to literally scrape all of the plaque off of your tounge daily. If you don't, the clean air coming out of your mouth will force the indescribable odor of the plaque right out of your mouth to those near you. Just like fan forced heat or air, it's the same principal. Pardon the expression, but it's just like when you fart, it's not the air inside you that smells, it's the smell of what's inside you that the air pushes out.

There are tounge scrapers made, but an old spoon works probably better. You will gag some at first but will get used to it. If you don't get all the way to the back of your tounge and get all of the plaque you'll still suffer bad breath. Don't worry about hurting yourself, you won't. I've been doing this for years and don't suffer the breath problems I did once.

I'll say one thing, there's NOTHING worse than smelling that acidy, rotten smell that comes from somone's mouth because they don't clean their tounge. Also, a good mouthwash is imperitive to use. Never be fooled to think that a toothbrush is all you need to practice good oral hygeine.

Hope this might help. It may be your sinuses, but it may not be.



needaremedy 02-01-2007 10:30 AM

Re: LPR and bad breath-Anyone have this problem?
Just wondering if you still have tonsils. I had tonsils and they were HUGE, collected junk in them. Since I had them removed, I've had no trouble with bad breath.
I would also imagine that the PPIs contribute to bad breath as food digests more slowly and starts to "ferment" in the gut.

Crystalgray 02-01-2007 10:41 AM

Re: LPR and bad breath-Anyone have this problem?
Thanks for the advice but I've tried it all. I have a tongue scraper. I use it at work and at home. I used Tea tree oil and it didn't help the smell at it. It's a constant smell. It never gets better or worse its just there. I think I have an infection of some sort but I haven't been able to figure it out.

needaremedy 02-01-2007 12:22 PM

Re: LPR and bad breath-Anyone have this problem?
Oops. I asked if you still had your tonsils. But I missed it in your post that you do.
I would check into that. Tonsils can hold onto food particles, post nasal drip, etc and it's nice and dark and warm for bacteria to grow and stink.
Like I said, since I've had mine out, I haven't had any problems where breath is concerned. BTW, I was NEVER without Orbit gum pre-tonsillectomy.

I saw an ENT about this because it was SO gross to me. He suggested gargling and irrigating with a, yeah, horrible experience. So I had my tonsils out...yes, it hurt afterwards, but I'm so thankful I had it done.

Crystalgray 02-01-2007 01:13 PM

Re: LPR and bad breath-Anyone have this problem?
Were you having the same problem I was before you had them out? They are red constantly and the smell seems to orginate from back there. I was told that with acid reflux one would have bad breath yet so far all the people I have talked to with acid reflu (LPR) do not experience this.

I really think it may be my tonsils. I have a waterpik as well. It hasn't helped at all.

needaremedy 02-01-2007 01:56 PM

Re: LPR and bad breath-Anyone have this problem?
It was bad to me so I made sure to never be without mints or something. When I saw the ENT, he noticed right away that my tonsils were large and said how stuff could get stuck. He didn't want to pluck them though (hence the WaterPik)... He also, at that point, said I had LPR and put me on Protonix and Zantac to see if it helped. At my 4 week follow-up, nothing had changed and I couldn't take the WaterPik-ing. I practically demanded the tonsils be removed...(some people will say that it's bad to remove them...I haven't found this to be true for myself.) I had them out on 12/21. I had 2 weeks of pain, 1 more week of discomfort and then I was fine. I feel like it's made a huge difference. My throat is less sore...I think I was harboring an infection 24/7. My glands were always swollen...not swollen anymore.

Also, I've pretty much ditched all PPIs and Zantac. I take apple cider vinegar with my meals and have had a lot of improvement where the reflux is concerned.

I'm still going to go back to the GI specialist to discuss what's going on inside re: the reflux/LPR... But all I was told was gastritis (which I'm sure was due to aspirin use)...I was never told "excessive acid" I'm under the impression my heartburn problem was low acid that, after adding acid reducers, snowballed into this LPR nightmare I was having.

Since quitting PPIs and Zantac, I'm not starving all the time. I feel satisfied after eating and I've slept SOOOO soundly.

Sorry to ramble on...

hairier yet.. 02-01-2007 09:21 PM

Re: LPR and bad breath-Anyone have this problem?
Two more peices of advice I might offer Crystal. Do you suffer from any allergies? I found I had allergy eyes years ago but never did anything about it. They were pretty bad as far as dark shading and looking almost dead when I'd get up in the morning. Not to mention it would take hours for me to look awake and normal around my eyes. Anyway, recently I went to my doctor and asked for any kind of medication I could take to try to block what my body released that reacted with whatever I was allergic to. I also had allergy testing and was allergic to tree pollen and animal dander.

At any rate my doctor prescribed Zyrtec and Singulair because my condition was severe. She also claimed the two meds worked in different ways, so both of them together would help. I am here to tell you they did.

Now back to the breath issue.. I noticed before I started the meds I had a huge amount of mucous in my throat every morning when I'd get up. When I'd gargle with Lavoris mouthwash, I mean literally holding my head back and gargling for 60-90 seconds, three times consecutive, I would get HUGE amounts of solids from the back of my throat. I'm certain it was large amounts of mucous that may, in your case contribute to bad breath. After I was on the meds for a while the large amount of mucous dropped to a minimal amount. My breath feels even fresher now. My eyes look better too.

Just wanted to offer this advice as well.



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