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  • Is this GERD? / Persistent cough

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    Old 02-06-2007, 09:57 AM   #1
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    Is this GERD? / Persistent cough

    Hi everyone, I'll try to summarize this and keep it short.

    - 28 year old female
    - Sinus infection, bronchitis in Aug-Sept 06.
    - Broke 2 ribs I was coughing so much.
    - Persistent cough despite 4 rounds of antibiotics (Azith x3 Amox once) and prednisone. And Advair diskus inhaler. And albuterol.
    - Blood work revealed Walking Pneumonia in Dec 06.
    - Round of antibiotics (clarithromycin). Still coughing.
    - Another round of clarith. Still coughing.

    * The only thing that seems to really work in Allegra-d, but I'd rather treat the problem, not just mask it.

    Allergist tried plan A:

    - Mucinex, nasonex for week if it's sinuses/allergies.
    - Still coughing.

    Allergist tried plan B:

    - Took prevacid for GERD. Cough improved. Had to stop after a few days because of heartburn and pressure under breastbone. Cough returned.

    - Today: we are trying zantac, but the prescription one. I'm thinking it's ranitidine.

    So I am thinking this is stomach-related though I have no stomach pains, no heartburn, no gas, no indigestion. Why else would prevacid work?

    And why is there a stomach problem? Antibiotics killed all my good bacteria and my stomach is having problems digesting food? Or a hiatal hernia from all the coughing?

    I don't feel poorly. I'm tired some days because the cough keeps me from sleeping well. I felt very rested when I was on the prevacid.

    Things I have noticed in the past few months:
    - had heart palpitations twice while laying down (pre-prevacid).
    - alcohol makes the cough worse
    - had yeast infections
    - had fungal/yeast-related rashes

    Oh, and I am going to try the ACVinegar tonight. I did not have AC at home, just white distilled. I took it and I coughed harder. What does that mean?

    Lifestyle: exercise, right weight for my age and height. Don't smoke. Don't eat junk food.

    Thanks for your patience and for reading. I'm so tired of coughing.

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    Old 02-07-2007, 07:22 AM   #2
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    Re: Is this GERD? / Persistent cough

    Originally Posted by unruhe View Post
    Oh, and I am going to try the ACVinegar tonight. I did not have AC at home, just white distilled. I took it and I coughed harder. What does that mean?
    HI !
    Let us know how the ACV works for you if you are brave enough to continue it.

    As far as the cough, I can just get a small sniff of any vinegar and it makes me cough. I am too much of a chicken to try drinking it.

    The best of luck to you.


    Old 02-07-2007, 07:25 AM   #3
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    Re: Is this GERD? / Persistent cough

    Thanks Ish,

    I see where I may have gone wrong. The vinegar I initially used was white distilled, and I did not mix with water, I just took a swig.

    Last night and this morning I used Bragg's Organic, which was recommended by just about everyone online.

    So far so good. No miserable hacking at least.

    Not sure how long it takes to "work."

    P.S. - It tastes pretty decent too.

    Old 02-07-2007, 11:14 AM   #4
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    Re: Is this GERD? / Persistent cough


    I developed LPR when I was 28, and have dealt with it for 4 years. I was completely miserable for the first 8 months, and was then given a double dose of Nexium, which I've taken for the last 3.5 years. It was truly a miracle. For LPR (the chronic cough) if it is LPR, you will need a double dose of a PPI daily. I recommend Nexium, then Aciphex. There are others - Prevacid, PRilosec, Protonix, but I don't recommend them for LPR.

    I had been taking a single dose of Nexium for 3 months before a new doctor increased it to the double dose. I can only describe the difference as going from an F- every day to a sudden solid A. I felt like myself again.

    Old 02-07-2007, 11:21 AM   #5
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    Re: Is this GERD? / Persistent cough


    thanks for the response. i am trying to stay away from any medications as they seem to hurt more than help, in my case at least. i can certianly understand someone taking them for the pain of LPR or GERD, but i have no pain, no stomach upset, virtually no problems. the only problems i encountered were chest pressure and burning and that was only when i was on prevacid.

    really, the only problem is the coughing..

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    Re: Is this GERD? / Persistent cough

    Unruhe-- I was misdiagnosed with Severe Asthma and Allergies (to everything) for almost 10 years. I had a chronic cough for as long as I had known my husband with no signs of reflux. After many medications and several specialists I finally got the right diagnosis. I was pregnant with my third and my cough go so bad the allergist thought they were going to have to hospitalize me. They wanted to give me IV steroid treatments for three days-- it turned into 5. And it did nothing! I went to a pulmonologist which said-- YOU DONT HAVE ASTHMA! Went to another specialist where I was diagnosed with GERD. Believe it or not-- I had fundo surgery three years ago and I haven't coughed or been sick since-- other than the slight cold. But, nothing like it used to be.
    My son, the one I was pregnant with, diagnosed with all the same things. He ended up having fundo surgery a year ago and hasn't been sick since either.
    It is definitely something to look into- but after all the years of misdiagnosis, I am positive the GERD is what was causing it all along. Good luck to you- Michele

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    Old 02-12-2007, 07:57 AM   #7
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    Re: Is this GERD? / Persistent cough


    It has been almost a week since I started with the AC Vinegar (Bragg's with the mother) and I have seen noticeable improvement. I'd say it's on par with the week's trial dose of Prevacid in terms or controlling my cough with the exceptions: AC Vinegar is 1) cheaper 2) not causing hearburn 3) actually correcting the problem, not making it worse.

    This is how I think my problems began:
    - repeated infections treated with antibiotics (6 rounds over a period of 6 months!)
    - antibiotics kill good bacteria along with bad
    - lack of good bacteria leads to too much yeast
    - too much yeast reduces production of stomach acid
    - lack of stomach acid can also cause heartburn and GERD symptoms
    - PPI drugs cut down even more on stomach acid production, thus creating my heartburn, which only started up after a couple days on Prevacid.

    This is what I figured out with a little research on the web. If anything is blatantly wrong, please feel free to correct me. I tried to verify this stuff at reputable medical websites.

    So, I'm pretty pleased. I'm sleeping better at night (probably because I'm not coughing). I haven't had to take cough meds or allegra-d during the week.(note: the allegra-d helped the coughing, not because it is allergy related, but I think because my esoph/throat would get congested from the mucus production and allegra-a is geared towards decongestion regardless of where it is. At least, this is how I understand it.)

    A couple day's into the ACV, I stopped getting the prevacid-induced heartburn.

    I can even consume trigger foods now without coughing like mad afterwards (coffee, chocolate, diet coke, alcohol in modest amounts).

    I'm just not sure how long I should be taking the ACV. I don't want to fix the problem and then create a whole new problem by having too much acid.

    Note: dosage was 2 tblsp ACV in water with bfast, lunch and dinner. And raw garlic a couple times a day.

    Hope this helps someone!

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