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How I got off zantac/prilosec and nexium and finding an answer...hope this can help..

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Old 08-06-2008, 11:46 AM   #1
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Dan_the_man HB User
How I got off zantac/prilosec and nexium and finding an answer...hope this can help..

Hi all,
Been here many times and posted myself many times. I have had stomach acid, indigestion problems for a number of years. I think I have been on zantac/nexium, prilosec for about 5 years now and countless other stuff. Have switched around and got frustrated like most everyone here. I tried everything and then some like most have and just got really tired of having to go back on the meds.

Finally I have pretty much completely stopped the meds but not without lots of research and experimenting myself. Here is what I found has started to work for me and maybe it can for some others here.

First thing I had to do, biggy for me...absolutely having to stop eating anything that bothers me. The list is big: coffee, soda, deep fried, candy, sweets of any kind, oily foods, dressings with oil, peanut butter, sandwiches(for me a bad food combination, if you haven't, read up on that), hamburgers, meats, certain fruits, nuts.

Everyone is different; those are just the foods that I found bothered me. Even when I was on the meds I started avoiding those. Just because I take the meds didn't mean I could eat those foods still, the meds just masked the problem.

Here is what I next did. I looked up my acid stomach problems and went to a health store. Everyone is different. For me I did an acid strip test to find out if I had excess acid or not enough (you can buy this at the h food store). It looked like I was ok with the acid level so next I asked a person at the health store. She said some interesting things. She said to take the acid test. Using apple cider, not the grocery kind, get it at the health store. Then to test, after you eat something that gives you heartburn take a tablespoon of cider with some water. If it relieves your heartburn you need more hydrochloric acid. If it makes it worse you need a digestive enzyme that does not have hydrochloric acid in it.

For me, I needed more as the apple cider helped. So I bought HC tablets, starting with a small dosage. I only use it for proteins to help digest not with vegetables or fruit.

I also use lots of DGL. I know most here at the board know of it. Deglycyrrhizinated licorice. I take two 20 minutes every time before I eat anything. I also takes papaya enzymes after everything I eat.
Another thing I do is first thing in the morning is take 2 ounces of Aloe juice. The pure stuff, again from the Health food store. I take it on an empty stomach first thing. It helps to heal the digestive track. Also I then take a tablespoon or 2 of Acidophilus, high strength first thing after the aloe.

I keep up my intake of fiber, with lots of water and have to totally watch everything I put in my mouth.

I have been off the meds for almost a month now. The only time I had to take just a small piece of a generic zantac was last weekend, but because I ate something that I should not have. But that was it and I am again not taking any meds and am doing pretty well.

Everyone is different, what works for me or someone else doesn’t work for everyone. But I hear all the time of people with stomach problems but still eat some of the same stuff, that just won’t work.

Oh one other thing I do is I always have a little bottle of water mixed with ½ teaspoon of baking soda. If for some reason I eat something that gives me a little trouble like coffee (which I still have sometimes and still can bother me) I take a small sip of it and it does the trick. Better than taking meds.

You really have to find out what is going on with your system (I can’t stress that enough). Do you have too much acid?, do you have acid reflux?, , not enough acid? Every time I went to a doctor they would never ask, they just put me on the meds. For me, the meds were blocking and reducing acid, when what I really needed was more hydrochloric acid to help digest food.

I almost forgot. This is a big help for me. I researched this as well and tried. I have a juicer and everyday when I get home I juice, cabbage, carrots, celery with a small piece of garlic. The cabbage has healing properties in it and they say can help with heartburn, and healing. I like the garlic in it and it has some benefits as well.

All I can say is I hope this helps someone. And most of all, read, research and try some different approaches. There is lots of info out there, go to the health stores and talk to someone that can help too…good luck everyone and if anyone has any questions here please feel free to ask me….hope this helps…thanks..dano

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Vanessa74 HB User
Re: How I got off zantac/prilosec and nexium and finding an answer...hope this can he


THank you so much for the information. I am so glad you are finding releif - I hope you continue to feel better daily.

Can you please tell me what a typical day's menu is like for you?

I too have been contemplating going the natural route (I take Prevacid and Carafate daily and it is not helping - in fact lately it seems my acid is worse for a few hours AFTER taking the Prevacid???) - I will go to my local health food store and look into the items you discussed - but will test my stomach first. I won't mind modifying my diet some more and adding some natural supplements if it means putting a stop to this chest pain and burning.

Thank you again!


Old 08-06-2008, 12:37 PM   #3
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Dan_the_man HB User
Re: How I got off zantac/prilosec and nexium and finding an answer...hope this can he

Hi Vanessa,

And thanks, its been a long road…....I tried lots of different stuff. It's like some of the meds stopped working sometimes then I would switch or some didn't work very well at all. Like Tagamet didn't work all that well I found. But again for me, acid blocking was actually making it worse, so what I did was after I found out what my problem kinda was, the only thing I would take if I had to was an acid reducer not blocker. Like generic zantac. I asked a pharmacist about that and he said zantac just reduces not blocks. I was always kinda confused about that stuff so good thing I finally asked and this is almost 5-6 years later being on this stuff. I know lots of people here know about that.
A typical menu day for me is like this.
-first thing the morning. I take 2 ounces of Aloe on empty stomach, then sip about a glass of cool water. I don't drink coffee or anything first thing at all. Then the acidophilus.
-then I take 2 DGL's.
-i eat only fruit (fruit that doesn't bother me) first. I read how fruit digests faster than other foods so eat it alone (I read this in information on food combining)
-then I eat something like scrambled eggs, with just nothing but some seasoning on it, little salt or whatever and I take 2 of the HL acid tabs because the egg is protein.
-later I drink mid morning, rice milk. I found rice milk digests real easy for me and doesn't bother my stomach where milk can. Some people like soy milk.
-for lunch I eat more fruit and veggies that don't bother me, that would be those small bab y carrots, celery cut small. For dressing and dips I make it out of low fat cottage cheese, in a processor with plain yogurt and add uncle dans dry mix to it. Makes a great dip and easy to digest
-I found I can eat Ground turkey, just lightly seasoned, or I make tofu, or can eat tuna. These I had to experiment with and I have to really concentrate on chewing my food really good...
-Dinner I eat things like potatoes, mashed or baked, gotta watch what I put on them, usually I put that dressing on it that I make. I steam vegetables really well till they are real soft. I have to watch the veggies and I use beano a lot...that really helps with digesting that kind of food.
I found I can eat beans, I will drain and mash them really well and add seasonings.
I eat saltine crackers a lot if I feel my stomach if feeling a little funky. Also I will sip on plain soda water from the store in a can as it has some baking soda already in it which for me soothes things.
I take flax seeds from the Health store and ground it up in a coffee grounder with helps my digestive system. I drink that a couple times a day.
I do this every day but its like a routine that you have to stick to.
I suffered at first, everything was bothering me at first so I really had to watch what I ate as my system had to get used to being off the meds.
Shewwwwwww....let me me know if that helps  ....dano

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Vanessa74 HB User
Re: How I got off zantac/prilosec and nexium and finding an answer...hope this can he

Thank you for the information - I can tell it was a trial and error process for you - I will start this process myself...

Though it will be difficult - if it heals my pain, it will be worth it


Old 08-08-2008, 10:34 AM   #5
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Dan_the_man HB User
Re: How I got off zantac/prilosec and nexium and finding an answer...hope this can he

Hi Nessa.....yea it's difficult at first, I still have my days when something throws me off, lately its been coffee, really can irritate and get things going...hang in there though and try some different approaches....take care and good luck, dano

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