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PumpkinSeed 08-11-2008 04:42 PM

weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.
i was just wondering if anyone else has this. i can't really figure out if it's GI issue. it happens when i am laying down. sometimes when i'm asleep it will wake me up. but today i kept trying to fall asleep and it would happen over and over again and now i'm just fed up.

i will feel a weird electrical shock type feeling in the middle of my chest. a bit above my sternum and a bit to the left. it's like someone is running electricity through my chest. it last approximately 1 second. it also feels like something inside is being 'wrung out' at the same time. a squeezy feeling, but very light and short.

i feel pretty calm when it happens, i don't notice any extra heart beats, no loud beats, no other symptom. i felt my pulse after one of these and it was pretty normal and quiet. it seems to go away when i sit up. i've been jolted awake i think from these episodes. usually with an adrenalin rush & major panic attack. deep breathing will make it go away, i also swallow alot of air and sit and burp and reburp myself insanely after. it feels like i'm letting pressure out (but don't think i really am, just swallowing more air). I have really bad acid reflux, but it comes and goes, right now it's not too bad.

right now, i am sitting here writing this, the last bunch of these happened about 20 minutes ago, about four in a row within 15 minutes. right now my chest feels like it is slightly electric. i know that's a weird description but the only way i can describe it. kind of shivery and light.

I always burp after.

kcpef 08-24-2008 05:31 PM

Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.
I had an electrical shock type pain in my chest when I was at work several months ago. Series of 3 or 4 right after each other, in vicinity of heart. Probably everything after that, heart racing, extremely dry mouth, etc. were due to panic type response. Went to the ER, no heart-related symptoms detected at all. Maybe the pain was connected to my esophageal ulcers but I may never know. No reoccurence of that specific type pain yet.

PumpkinSeed 08-26-2008 12:23 AM

Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.
the doctor is sending me for an ultrasound in my tummy. sounds like a hiatial hernia apparently. it would slide up and down through my diaphragm causing crowding and the weird 'charge' i hope that's the issue and it can be taken care of.

Nuttylulu 10-09-2008 01:35 AM

Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.
I too am getting this shock sensation. It is always worse at night, only lasts a second but is like an electrical surge through my chest. I sometimes get it when I swallow my own saliva, but sometimes it just happens on its own.
In the last week or so I have had to sleep propped up on a mountain of pillows as it seems to happen more when I am laying flat.
It often starts at night when I am semi-reclined on the sofa, and while it doesn't really hurt, it isn't a nice sensation and leaves me feeling anxious.
I am also finding at night time, my ears pop everytime I swallow, and I have become very sensitive to noises, not just loud noise.
For the past 10 months or so I have been having various chest twinges, palpitations, and "flipping" feelings in the chest happening daily and it has had me in a constant state of fear
. The doctor thinks it might be a Hiatus Hernia and I have been on Acimax & Nexium for reflux, which I don't suffer badly, along with my blood pressure medications.

This latest shock sensation is just another thing for me to worry about and nobody seems to want to really find out what is going on.

The only thing I have had done in the last few months is the Holter Monitor and it showed up nothing...but nothing seemed to happen in the 24 hrs I had it on...the usual case.

PumpkinSeed 10-09-2008 09:11 PM

Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.
its totally the stomach.

Annonymouslady 08-09-2011 08:30 AM

Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.
I felt the same thing yesterday while sitting and watching t.v. It doesn't happen as often, very rarely do I feel this. But it's like I'm being shocked by lightning or something and it's painful to the point where my face scrunches and I have a tight fist. It only lasts about 3 seconds

Leo255 08-09-2011 01:47 PM

Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.
I think I know what this is. I will sometimes get this in different parts of my body, sometimes eyelids. It's probably from a nerve in one of the muscles on the chest...I believe its called a flickering nerve, but am not certain.

Tandem Rider 08-14-2011 05:42 PM

Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.
I have a spasm or tingling feeling below my sternum which is worse at night and wakes my up. Like others, it gives me an anxious feeling and I will be awake for a couple of hours and I have to sit up to get it to stop. I often have a hot feeling when I wake up with it. I had TIF surgery and a second pH test showed that my reflux is reduced to normal levels with no reflux at night. My doctor thought that it was spasms from my severe reflux. I have had heart tests with no problem. I don't know what to do next.

PumpkinSeed 08-15-2011 12:40 AM

Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.
ahh i posted this a long time ago.

tandem i hope some of this will help...

i was able to get rid of them by being diagnosed with a peptic ulcer and eating nothing but yogurt, and lots of potatoes for a while plus some weird drug (perriet) for a month, which cured the worst symptoms.

i do get them still once in a blue moon but know they are from my stomach. i don't have heartburn though i do get burping issues and that's when it happens. i am completely off ibuprofen now because that's what caused the ulcer. sometimes i try to get away with using it cuz i get bad headaches and pop! out goes my gut and the burps come and i'm getting the zaps again.

just learning which foods cause the bloat and burps and not eating before bed has helped tremendously. i also feel a lot better sleeping on my left side. not sure if that's ucler location related or what.

hope you all will get better and hope this info helps!

Tandem Rider 08-15-2011 03:34 AM

Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.
Thanks Pumpkinseed. I don't have an ulcer as I had an endoscopy this spring. Which foods cause your bloat and burps? Maybe that is my problem.

PumpkinSeed 08-15-2011 10:12 PM

Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.
bread. tomato based sauces. onions. pudding.

maui_rayne 08-28-2011 12:44 PM

Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.
Hello everyone. I was just release from the hospital this morning. I have been having very similar symptoms as described by you all.

I am not sure if all my symptoms are related, but I think they are. It started out with my having those pinching feelings around my left chest...the ones you get when you have trapped gas. That I can tolerate. But now, I have been having this really weird sensation just as I am at the cusp of sleep. Seems like just when my body starts to feels like an electric shock/pulse sensation radiates from my chest area up to my throat. It instantly wakes me up. There is NO pain associated with this....just a very short shock type feeling. It also seems to make my lips feel numb. The worst part of these episodes besides being that they happen over and over again and won't let me fall asleep. As soon as I fall asleep...Bam...and I am up. This will happen many many times a night. Then, I will finally fall asleep in the early morning from complete exhaustion. I am scared out of my mind. I feel tortured. Yesterday I was feeling weak and dizzy at work so I came home early. As I tried to lie happens again....this time my lips got all numb and the fingertips on my right hand went numb.....I was feeling really weird and sick so I drove myself to the ER. The did EKG....blood test..stress test...and everything came back normal except for they said I was having anxiety attacks. Well anyone would have a dang anxiety attack if they were going thru these I "know" that the anxiety is a result of the episode and not the other way around. I have an appointment with my regular Dr. tomorrow, I sure hope she can give me some answers. I think I need a ultrasound of my stomach to see if something is putting pressure on my vagus nerve. That is the only thing I can come up with that seems close to what I am feeling. I think that there is something in my abdomen....maybe a hiatal hernia or something that triggers pressure on the vagus nerve when my body begins to relax......I am scared to death to sleep...if feels like my heart stops beating for a second and my body freaks out and kick starts I know it is not my heart........I really hope someone on here can get some answers. Everything I have read that is even remotely close to my symptoms.....there are no is truly torture.

PumpkinSeed 08-29-2011 04:32 PM

Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.
do you sleep on your side or back? i find the symptoms ease off if i sleep on my left side, one pillow tucked under my waist and lower abdomen and another one between my legs. kind of like the fetal position but cradled in pillows.

PumpkinSeed 09-19-2011 03:03 AM

Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.
urg last three days i've been having this HORRIBLY!!!! really bad.

i know it's my stomach. either my ulcer is acting up again, and/or my lining is corroded because i quit smoking and a) had been drinking about 10 diet sodas a day as a replacement (oh the irony! quitting smoking is supposed to heal your gut!), b) have been using ibuprofen for headaches (a no-no i should know better!) and c) eating till my stomach is so full i could throw up!

[COLOR="Navy"]man i tell you this time it's so bad, i start falling asleep on my side and its not like i can't not breathe, but it's more of a feeling that i am just dying. lol. i'm SO tired and i can almost feel my stomach jumping or spasming. i feel my pulse and it is not racing or anything. it's a horrific anxiety inducing feeling though. like you are exhaling and will never inhale again because your brain is shutting down (no choking or smothering though). and you feel this strange sensation in your upper abdomen, that i always thought was my heart's electrical system shorting out or something but i think it's a combination of light pinching type pain in the stomach and possibly a spasm or a 'jump' like when you are about to get punched in the gut how you would automatically suck your gut in, but not as severe.[/COLOR]

i actually woke up a few times yelling HELP HELP (of course my son didn't even hear me, god forbid i really do start dying one night).

i notice when i eat too much and my gerd is going nuts my tummy swells and i have a hard time breathing. i look about nine months pregnant. NOT a good look on me. i get short winded walking up stairs and basically moving a foot in any direction. this is ONLY when i've overeaten.

i'm pretty sure the combo of overeating and stomach erosion/or ulcer recurrance is the problem. just gotta give it time to fix itself. till then i CANT sleep laying on my side, in a flat position.

i just write this to hopefully help anyone else with this problem. my FIRST thought would be that it was a heart rhythm disturbance or sleep apnea. but it only coincides with sever stomach problems flaring up.

skyrocket1 09-28-2011 07:07 AM

Re: weird sensation in my chest, not burning, but more electricity like.
hi everyone - I have been following these posts carefully over the last few months. This is the first time I have found people with exactly the same symptoms as me. I have been diagnosed with a small hiatus hernia. Just as I'm coming out of phase 1 sleep, I get an electric shock/jolt in my chest area, then it will rediate like pins and needs right down into my legs. After that, mild or severe I'm awake again. Its causing severe insomnia and sleepless nights. Its funny like one of the contributors, I can get some sleep past 3 in the morning but I cant attract a reason. I can also get nausea too. I have had long association with this right back to my drinking days and fizzy drink overcumsumption. Now while anxiety has a part in this and it certainly doesn't help, and can increase the liklihood of these episodes - it is not the main cause - now that's where people and doctors get confused to a great extent. Its more to do with the hiatus hernia rubbing, letting of pressure or something to do with reflux - I cant get if propaly explained - doctors are reluctant to explain something they don't understand or is not in their little text book about atomach problems so pass it off as anxiety. Going non gluten has helped. There are certain things one can do to make episodes less. E.g. watching what you eat. If I have a particularly bad epsode one night after my hours sleep I can wake up with a knawing hollow feeling in my stomach, also my stomach feels sore when its empty. After reading this I don't feel as mad now which I have done when I've tried to explain it to people.

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