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tomer 01-16-2009 03:48 PM

Dry cough + wretching+reflux problem
This is the first time I've had so bad a dry cough that it forces me to wretch until I'm exhausted. I've been told that the combination of a virus plus my reflux problem may account for this situation.

I'm less concerned about the cause; I'd like to get a quick and practical solution. I hope you can help.

CharBerry 01-22-2009 10:42 AM

Re: Dry cough + wretching+reflux problem
Sorry no one answered you sooner but since we all have so many different symptoms, it's confusing. I've had GERD/LPR for over 10 yrs and I've noticed how my symtoms have changed over the years even though every time I go thru the mill, I get the same diagnsose. The LPR is much harder to control and I did have the same feelings as you at one time. It's a horrible feeling! Now, it seems when I cough it's not usually a dry cough as my throat feels full of mucus all the time and up into my sinus. Guess it's better than that dry wrenching feeling but still not good. Hope you are better by now.


MountainReader 01-22-2009 06:31 PM

Re: Dry cough + wretching+reflux problem
I've had years of the chronic dry cough & wretching. It would choose to flare for months at a time so that it seemed non-stop.

I didn't answer because I have no "quick fix" to offer you.

For me it is a matter of getting the reflux and my asthma, which is triggered by the reflux, under control at the same time. They have often been triggered by sinus infections which added a third item that I had to balance as well.

The reflux with the coughing is often diagnosed as LPR as CharBerry indicated. I did the homeopathic type stuff in addition to taking PPI's TWICE a day to get the reflux back under control. That worked until this year when even that stopped and I ended up with surgery. I would suggest reading up on the LPR threads for some ideas for what has worked for various people. It really is an individual thing, but not everyone finds long-term relief.

With the asthma, I use daily preventative meds and an emergency inhaler.

For the allergies, I try to avoid allergens, get shots and take allergy meds.

The cough can really wear you out. Try to rest as much as possible at night. If it is reflux, the cough suppressents won't work much.

If your dry cough persists, you might ask your doc to test you for Pertussis (Whooping Cough). In adults, mostly there is no "whoop" but there is a persistant cough that can lead to wretching. I had it a couple years ago. They spent a month treating the cough with additional reflux and asthma meds before looking at this. Turned out, I had been on antibiotics for a sinus infection and already treated the Pertussis before the Pertussis was diagnosed. If it turns out to be Pertussis, it is a 100 day cough and there isn't much to do other than let it run its course.

Make sure you are hydrating as much as possible also.

Take care.

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