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LPR vs. Tonsil problems

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Old 06-11-2009, 08:48 AM   #1
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TigerGalLE HB User
LPR vs. Tonsil problems

Hey everyone. I am a 24 yr old female and this is my story. I have had enlarged tonsils my entire life. Never had problems with a sore throat or anything, but I have had problems with tonsil stones off and on. Other than having the tonsil stones pop out occasionally I've had no uncomfortable symptoms with them.

Last winter I started having a feeling of a lump in my throat. It felt like my throat was swollen and closing. Also I had to clear my throat all the time and felt the need to swallow every 2 seconds. I went to my doctor who tested my thyroid and tested me for mono. Thyroid was fine but my mono spot came back positive. He treated me for mono but the lump in my throat persisted. I went to an ENT who looked at my throat with a light by going in my nose. He said there was a lot of redness and inflammation and diagnosed me with LPR. So for 8 months I've been on Nexium daily, then prilosec daily (due to insurance not covering nexium), then Prilosec twice daily, then Prilosec twice daily and zantac at bedtime, then back to Nexium daily (insurance decided to pay), now Nexium twice daily.. I've had an EGD which was normal. My ENT looked at my throat again 3 weeks ago and said it was still red and inflammed. He suggested that the lump feeling in my throat may be coming from my large tonsils. He suggested having them removed. I really do not want to have tonsillectomy due to it being painful and the long recovery process. I've had large tonsils my entire life and had tonsil stones my entire life. So why would all of a sudden my tonsils be the cause of my globus sensation. I just don't want to have my tonsils removed and my problem be true LPR.

I went back to my GI doctor today and he scheduled me for 24 hour pH testing and esophageal manometry on July 20th. I guess if these tests appear normal I will have a tonsillectomy.

Has anyone had these tests done? Or is anyone going through what I am going through? The lump in my throat is so uncomfortable. On really bad days it makes me nauseated and anxious. Sometimes it feels like my throat is going to close completely. I'm so frustrated and tired of living with this. I've given up everything I love; soda, juice, coffee, spicy food, tomato based food, citrus fruits, chocolate, PB, pepper... I'm only 24 and this sucks.


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Old 06-21-2009, 10:26 AM   #2
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martyboots HB User
Re: LPR vs. Tonsil problems

Hey tiger gale, great to see a post like this, i have the exact same problem. its an an absoulite nightmare. hope ur doing better, i just wana give u a big hug cause i know exactly what ur goin thru..

if im honest i dont think its ur tonsils either. its got to be ur lpr without doubt. ive had problems for 2 years solid 24/7 never a day when i was back to normal. started with sinus , really bad sinus, ended up having an operation on them. that didnt work proprely , because i had serious brain fog all the time couldnt think properly, and dizzy. think it was the acid going up into the back of my nose and into my sinus close to my brain. was always anxious not everyday but alot . before all this i was the life and soul of the party and didnt even know what anxious felt like it sucks so bad.
about 6 months ago i got ottis media and glue ear for long time. ears never right since . last year an half ive had globus in throat and mucas. kept getting tonsils stones so now the doc has set up an appointment to get them removed . but im sure its not the cause of the problem.
this all has ruined my social life , i cant go out to bars or clubs any more, im completly uncomfortable all the time , and my throat and vocal cords are messed because of the lpr and mucas. also my ears are sore and pressured or somethin the whole time.

good advice i can give u is get antibiotics for 6 weeks , it helped me loads and loads. also drink half a bottle of pomegranates or pom juice every day, its the figuer 8 bottle because its 100% concentrate. this promotes groth groth of dammaged cells its also used on cancer patents. works good.

please write me back and tell me more about urself and ur lpr??? had how ur getting on?????? any advice u have ???? best medicine for ur lpr???? anything u can tell me i will be forever greatful.

hope to hear from u


Old 06-21-2009, 01:20 PM   #3
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TigerGalLE HB User
Re: LPR vs. Tonsil problems

Hey Marty,

I'm now taking Nexium twice a day. I'm doing better. I have some good days without symptoms. But my symptoms always return and then take 4-5 days to disappear with me ad hearing to a very strict diet. No soda, no tea, no fried food, no tomato based foods, no alcohol, nothing spicy, no peppers, no onions, no chocolate... the list goes on. Once my throat heals I feel better. But 1 slip up with my diet and BOOM my symptoms return. It sucks. I'm 24 and I can't eat anything I love.

In a month I'll have pH testing to see exactly how much acid I produce. So far I have no plans to have my tonsils removed. That is an option however depending on how my pH test goes. If it is normal I'll get my tonsils removed and assume they are the cause of my problems.

Old 06-21-2009, 03:28 PM   #4
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apriljudy HB User
Re: LPR vs. Tonsil problems

Hi Tiger,
I can relate! I also have had enlarged tonsils my whole life, without any major problems. (That's a long time. I'm much older than you.) In my day, MD's removed tonsils 'at the drop' of a sniffle. I was 'one that got away.'

Anyway, today I was dealing with the mucous from the reflux, 'big time.' When I was applying sunscreen, I thought I could feel my tonsils, through my skin under the back of my lower jaw. (Because I live in Florida, and I golf, I apply sunscreen every day.) I thought, 'my tonsils must be enlarged more than usual.' I hadn't considered my tonsils an issue in years.

I gently pressed on the 'tonsil enlargement,' through the skin under my jaw, and I thought it felt like more mucous was gathering in my throat.

At that moment, it crossed my mind, that the mucous that the ENT said was from acid reflux, could be coming from my tonsils. I have been taking Prilosec and Nexium for months, with no major improvement. I jotted a memo to call my ENT for an appointment. Then I read your post. BTW, I have never heard of tonsil stones.

Did you read my post about my hearing issue? Now that I have read your post, and see that I share that tonsil issue, I suspect, indeed, that my mucous might be from my tonsils; and also, my ears might be clogging from fluid from my throat. I'm sure you know that your throat, your ears, your digestive system, and your lungs are all 'attached' in some way. Often an issue with one will create an issue with the other.

As for a tonsillectomy, if someone would assure me that a tonsillectomy would totally resolve my mucous and hearing problem, I'd jump on the surgical table in a fat-flash, and open my mouth very wide. I imagine that there are new and improved procedures to make a tonsillectomy less painful and less traumatic. Years ago, they soothed kids with ice cream after surgery. That can't be so bad?

(My granddaughter, who is standing behind me (9 years old) said, "It's not mucous." She said, "You've been slimed." I think she watches too much Nikelodeon.)

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bimik HB User
Re: LPR vs. Tonsil problems

Hi guys ! I am having ismilar symtopms, but my tonsils are small and without white stones. I don't know if its LPR or tonsillitis. What did youguys do ? did you do tonsillectomy ? If yes, I'd be vry thankful if you could share your experience with results. Thank you

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