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dpau325 10-21-2009 11:13 PM

Is it Gerd or what?
I was diagnosed with GERD almost 2 years ago. When it first started, I had a little bit of hoarseness and felt like I was drowning in my own saliva. I went to the ENT who informed me it was gerd and put me on Omeprazole 20 mg. tablets. Everything seemed to be okay until just about a year later when my mother was dying and my sister had what is called a triple A (Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm) my mother was in Hospice when my sister had this triple A.
I live out of state from my family and when I returned home, I began to get severe chest pain and stomach pain and feeling like I couldnt breathe, just as though I might be having a heart attack or gallbladder attack. I went to my doctor and she did a ultra sound of my abdominal aorta and my heart. Thank god they are okay. She changed my meds and I am taking Nexium 40 mgs. once a day. Now this was working but i always seemed to have mucous in my throat that wouldnt come up so I went back on the Omeprezole because my ENT and my Doctor said they all work about the same. Now for about the last two weeks, I wake up in the morning and when I begin to move around it feel like I cant get enough air. This scares me to death. I am afraid this is gonna kill me. When I saw my ENT in August I asked If I should see a gastroenterologist and he said no, there is no reason too, everything looks fine. I have been getting chest pains (already was to ER for palps just a week before) my tests for heart attack came out to be that I never suffered a heart attack and wasnt having a heart attact at that time, all tests came back clean and I was released after an injection of Ativan in my IV. I do suffer from GAD and depression. So what is wrong with me? My doctor said I could take regular robitussin to help with the phlegm in my throat and also mylanta to help coat my throat and stomach to help with the GERD. I am afraid to lay down and go to sleep at night cause it is uncomfortable when I can't breathe. Is this gonna go away or am I going to have this on a daily basis? I don't ever want to do anything or be alone. I thought that when you took these meds the GERD would go away. I would like for the doctor or someone on here to tell me what to do. I looked up on the internet about foods to avoid but I thought if you took the nexium you could eat what you want. Guess not! Does anyone have any of these symptoms and if so how do you deal with it or how can you make it get better. Before you ask, I am overweight because of the anxiety I suffer from and all the anti-depression meds I use to take. I quit taking them a few years back. Please someone help me and tell me if these are normal symptoms of GERD and how to prevent all of the pain and suffering that goes along with it. Sorry it is a long post. Please, please, someone help me understand this disease! I feel like I am literally at the end of my rope and I tied a knot in it and it is slipping. Please send answers soon. Thank You

Silas1066 10-22-2009 06:01 AM

Re: Is it Gerd or what?
Well I am going through something similar: chest pain, shortness of breathe, mild wheezing, occasional acid reflux (that I can feel).

Doctor told me I had asthma--although it was tough to detect. I also have a heart murmur--but I've had that my whole life without problems.

So it could be GERD causing mild asthma. I know this is frustrating--it is driving me crazy as well.

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