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davysmom 03-30-2011 12:53 PM

chest pain and arm! dr says it's acid please help!
For the last 2 weeks i've had chest and left arm pain in center and left side of chest,hard time catching breath,eating food and it just starts to come up when i burp in little pieces,burning in back and chest and arm.sometimes lava and some times when i dont eat it still feels like its setting on my chest.I was put on rantidine can't spell and drank tons of maylocks.I called dr said i'm scared its my heart she said nothing is wrong with your heart we have been through this before.So i called and said i want you to check me out because im nervous.I'm on busburine for anxiet/ 30 mg also and for the past week i've been very anxious.So she listened to my heart and stomach and through my back and said i told you its not your heart took me off zantac and put me on 40 mg of prilosec.I said we have to get to bottom of this ive lost 6 lbs in a week because i'm scared to eat.So finally she referred me to a gastrologist but not till april 22.Came home crying because i still dont understand how reflux can cause arm and chest pain and how can she tell im not having a heartattack by listening to my heart.I have diereha everymorning and after sometimes i eat.She said my axiety adds to this.Has anyone ever went through these symptoms before and does prilosec work.I had a tiny bowl of tuna in water with tiny mayo and crumbled crakers the my arm,chest hurt and my back is on fire?I made my own appt with a cardiologist for this coming monday just to reassure me but im so scared about the pain that comes and goes ache in between shoulderpblades.This has been going on for a couple days.Thank you for reading this Anne Ill just pray ill be okay till monday.I sometimes get pain under left arm pit.And my stomach pops and gurgles:(

Qwsd 03-30-2011 06:02 PM

Re: chest pain and arm!dr says its acid please help
OK listen to me, you need to calm down right now. You are panicking, and this can cause those symptoms all by itself.

I am telling you, it was just about 3 months ago when *I* was in the E.R, complaining of chest/back and arm pain. I thought I was having a heart attack myself. There was nothing bad going on there, and I was told it was my anxiety (which I do have and knew that, but these pains were REAL) The reflux problem was not found at THIS time, I never mentioned my heart burn issues... and besides, my choking/gagging crap wasn't happening then. So there was no reason for anything else to be looked at.

Anxiety and stress can and will cause ACTUAL pain, and a lot of it. People that have never had a problem with anxiety before can start having the problem once they get acid/gerd/lpr, especially if you experience the choking... thats enough to make anyone anxious and scared. If you sit there thinking "Omg Im having a heart attack" that right there is going to raise your stress and worry level up and it will keep that pain intact.

If your doctor says that your heart is fine, it most likely is. She isn't going to screw around with your health like that. If you do not trust her, than you need to find another doctor.

You must calm down though. You can obviously make yourself sick if you keep dwelling. Our minds are incredibly powerful and they can literally make us ill (and even well).

I am on prilosec and it seems to be OK.. that takes sometime to kick in though. I still get the occasional choking/gagging sensation, I have had to cut out A LOT.

Soda is gone. So is chocolate (lovedddd both). I used to be a huge eater too.
I have had to figure out foods. I can eat deli turkey and ham sandwiches (I get the plain turkey.. no spiced ones. Stay away from "thumans brand" it has a spice on it and it is hot) I can handle light miracle whip (I use little) and bread. I also like cucumber sandwiches (always did anyway). I eat kix cereal.. with a SMALL amount of milk (but honestly, I want to cut all dairy out.. I might eventually switch to almond "milk" or something) and I no longer use whole milk. I have to say, I dont like the 2% milk, but I think its just because Im not used to that.

I go to subway too. I DO miss those yummy veggies!! I get XTRA lettuce and cucumbers, mayo on white bread. Ham and cheese.

I can drink apple juice (apple and eve)... most do have acid unfortunately. Motts does NOT (have not drank that in a long time tho so I cannot recall if I like that) I also found "nantucket nectars" apple juice is PURE apple, and its DELICIOUS. I have no idea if your state carries this. But our walmart does. The only problem is the largest it comes in is 17 ounces.

I can eat animal crackers (my store brand), I can eat spaghetti (no sauce.. I use a little bit of olive oil, and a little tiny bit of splenda if Im in the mood to sweeten it up.) I add veggies like broccoli or canned green beans. I also eat a little red licorice sometimes.
This is all about what YOUR own body can handle though. Its not the best idea to "test" but you sort of have to. Also, water. Drink A LOT of water. And do NOT eat before bed. Please, stop eating at least two hours prior to going to sleep. Eat much smaller meals.. (do not eat until full.. eat until "fine").

I gotta tell you, this is not the food I am used to. I am used to 3-5 cans of diet pepsi everyday, candies, cookies, pizza... anything I wanted. And I miss that... but to tell you the truth, that was a very bad road to be on as I am 30 years old and how long can a person really eat like that and think they will be free of problems?

Anyway, this is all new to me too and I have to figure out what else I can eat. Its tough.
What I would suggest to you is to find something relaxing to do, read, puzzles? Anything that relaxes you, try that. It will take your mind off things.

davysmom 03-31-2011 02:06 AM

Re: chest pain and arm!dr says its acid please help
Thank you so much Qwsd for taking the time to talk and make me understand a little bit better.I'm so tired of crying and being afraid of heartattack.Hopefully my anxiety meds will help after being raised a little.Anne

mind mist 03-31-2011 06:29 AM

Re: chest pain and arm!dr says its acid please help
I've experienced that chest and shoulder pain too and yes, I believe it's related to the acid reflux. Your esophagus is in the centre of your chest, so any burning or inflammation is going to be felt in your breastbone/sternum area and possibly radiate all the way to the back between the shoulder blades. Pain tends to favour the left side, maybe because our stomach is on the left? I dunno.

I can sympathize with you about not wanting to eat. Eating made me nauseous, but not eating made the stomach gnawing/growling it's a Catch 22. I agree with the post above that you will probably have to make some food adjustments through trial and error. I suggest starting off with something really soft like a banana, yogurt, boiled carrot or baked potato. Forget about coffee, hot chocolate or pop. You will have to drink water, Chamomile tea or a really diluted juice.

For anxiety...I find Diaphragmatic breathing, Tai Chi and Reflexology helpful. Going for a short walk after meals does wonders.

Take care.

Qwsd 03-31-2011 06:51 AM

Re: chest pain and arm!dr says its acid please help
Yeah, at first I was diluting the apple and eve apple juice with water. It was almost like a apple flavored water to be honest. I had to, at first it felt like the apple juice was coating my throat and I couldnt clear it off. I seem to be adjusting to it ok without diluting, but I do drink a ton of water all day. (If you are not used to that, be prepared to pee A LOT.. but thats ok, its good for you.) The nantucket nectars apple juice though, no problems whatsoever.

Im not sure if its ok to share links here, so if you do an internet search for foods for acid reflux, you will find a good safe and not safe food chart that may be helpful to you.

And you're welcome! I know how hard this can be. Just hang in there and relax. Follow your doctors orders and it will become easier with time.

davysmom 03-31-2011 07:32 AM

Re: chest pain and arm!dr says its acid please help
Thank you so much mind mist.I got to the point I didn't want to go to sleep because I was Afraid I would'nt wake up.This morning is much better but i'm still writing in my journal everything i put in my mouth and every pain so I can see why its happenening.My husband said h ordered donuts from another dad for a fundraiser and said can you eat them?I SAID NO WAY BUT ENJOY.I enjoyed cheesesteaks,grilled hotdogs and pizza but if I have to sit there and watch them so be it because this pain and worry is not worth the 5 minuetes of yumminess.I still feel aching in chest and arm left to right even on a empty stomach but I think its payback for overeating the last couple yrs.Thank you both and take care Anne

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