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Prezactly 03-10-2012 05:33 PM

Back pain and reflux or ulcer?
I overindulged a week or so ago, had plenty of food and some adult beverages on top of that.

I woke up the next morning and the muscle between the spine and left shoulder blade mid-back was sore as sore can be. Also had burning pain in the chest to the left of the sternum to solar plexus. Seems OK after I get some sleep at night, but starts right back up after I get up. OK until I eat something, then it starts getting worse. Put myself on Prilosec x 1 a day and since it got bad it seems to be getting a little better every day, but not much.

I don't smoke, have a normal weight, and drink only occasionally (not benders, just 4-5 drinks/week sporadically).

Any help or thoughts from folks that may have experiences like this too would be nice. I have occasional panic issues (got it pretty much under control, but still not fun) and of course the nagging pain isn't doing any favors.

janewhite1 03-11-2012 09:09 PM

Re: Back pain and reflux or ulcer?
Well, it may take a few weeks for it to settle down fully. Things that may speed healing are:

-No alcohol or coffee.

-Avoid spicy or acidic foods, including things like tomatoes or oranges.

-Eat small meals and stop eating at least a couple hours before bed.

Prezactly 03-13-2012 08:02 PM

Re: Back pain and reflux or ulcer?
Good advice, I'm doing those things already. Will see if the doc can see me to verify and see if more testing is needed.

grubby2day 10-08-2012 06:43 AM

Re: Back pain and reflux or ulcer?
Hi. Wondering if you were able to find a resolution for this. I've had the EXACT same symptoms, usually after over-doing it. Started about a year ago - took Prilosec and got better but would occur off and on once or twice a month but clear up quickly. Started up again about 3 weeks ago and has not stopped unless I get on a very strict diet of small meals - yogurt/smoothies seem to work best but if I step out of line at all the pain returns for hours or days. One other thing, I burp alot - even after a sip of water. Not sure if related but probably is. THanks.

Prezactly 09-01-2013 09:25 PM

Re: Back pain and reflux or ulcer?
Bit late to the party, but I hate it when threads leave no resolution.

In the end, it took a diet change and a change to my eating habits to fix the problem. It was quite painful for a while there. Things I learned?

I like having a bit of chocolate, maybe an adult beverage in the evening. I also like mint tea, so I might have a mug of that before bed. Maybe some cheese and crackers for a late snack.

ALL of these things are bad.

The tea, chocolate and alcohol all worsen stomach acid and/or relax the muscle that keeps food from heading back up the esophagus. Add to that mix a habit of indulging in a late snack of some sort (you know, drink a beer or have a glass of wine and you get the munchies) and I was setting myself up for repeated torture of my stomach and esophagus.

I rarely eat after 6PM now. Booze/beer/wine I don't have after 7. I do make exceptions when I'm out, I just make sure to take an antacid and drink plenty of water to reduce the liklihood of damage. No mint tea or chocolate in the evenings.

I also fought it with prilosec, zantac, mylanta and tums. Prilosec began to make me feel ill after a while, so I switched to zantac. Worked great. Initially I started with Mylanta to kill the worst of the hurt, that did a great job, but it gives you diarrhea. After things got better, I would just take a couple tums with water after a meal. Now, I don't need to take anything at all. Just watch what I'm doing and drink plenty of water.

Edit: Is suppose I should say that this took several months to clear up ( about 2.5, if I remember right), and I also went to a gastroenterologist and got scoped. Nothing wrong inside, so it was all up to me to fix.

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