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BiancaB97 06-01-2012 07:19 AM

Re: Chronic Burning Pain (Visceral Hypersensitivity)
Hi Georgalyn,
I am so happy that maybe you have an answer to what you have been is real.......and PPI's I believe hurt more than help your stomach to balance it's PH. It's really interesting to me that you mention hormones effecting this because I have the same exact thing and thought maybe I was imagining it. My menstrual cycle had gotten really irregular and after I ovulated for the month I noticed the closer my cycle got the worse my stomach burned and hurt. But recently I regulated my cycle again with an herbal supplement and all of my symptoms have improved female wise and stomach wise, it has been a life saver!! I am glad u mentioned this in your post. Maybe if you look into it further you can find a natural supplement to help you with this hormone fluctuation going on because I never dreamed the herb I found could do all it has done for me! There are lots of supplements to help with menopause.......two I know of are Estroven and I-Cool which are both carried at Wal-mart in the vitamin section. Keep me posted on how things work out for u!! I know how tiring things can get and I am praying the best for you!!

Sallyz 06-01-2012 09:05 AM

Re: Chronic Burning Pain (Visceral Hypersensitivity)
Wow. I'm asking about this at my doctors appointment next week.
I've been trying to wean myself off of everything as my husband and I are planning another pregnancy but after two months weaning off nexium and zoloft (which made me feel great btw), I was having so much anxiety and nausea that I started my zoloft again because as I keep telling my doctor I really, really feel like a lot of this is nerve related. Sensitive stomach. Nervous stomach. Whatever you want to call it--ha ha. I just started zoloft 12.5 mg and not only did the nausea go away but the reflux as well. Then I found out zoloft can cause stomach bleeding and not I'm a nervous (stomach) wreck again. I'm still taking zantac as well but not really sure how much it's helping.
Anyway, thanks SO much for posting--I'm looking forward to asking about this. My doc said zoloft is safest for pregnancy but will ask about the amitryptiline post partum.
I have gone through 2 pregnancies and never had a day of reflux or stomach issues with either one (except for first trimester). Whenever I ask a doc about how this doesn't really add up they look at me like I'm from Mars. LOL One actually suggested maybe it's because pregnancy hormones can be calming...hmmm...
Thanks again and glad you're feeling better. :)

BiancaB97 06-01-2012 09:22 AM

Re: Chronic Burning Pain (Visceral Hypersensitivity)
Hi Sallyz,
Hopefully there will be a day when doctors will quit prescribing PPI's for every stomach ailment out there and actually look further. There is a reason someone goes from having a rock hard stomach to waking up with stomach trouble every day. PPI's only put a band aid on things and neglect ur body of vital nutrients it needs. That's why I wouldn't accept being on Nexium everyday as an answer for the rest of my life. Now I'm thinkin God put me on a mission to open up this issue and help others realize what actually could be wrong with them. This is a real health issue that medicine knows only a little about so we have to learn from each other. I hope u start doing better. I have been contemplating getting pregnant myself, but I'm worried how sick I will feel off of my medicine. This would be a first child for the fear of everything keeps hitting me. Let me know how things go for u please....! And I hope u feel better too!:)

lightcam32 06-04-2012 06:57 PM

Re: Chronic Burning Pain (Visceral Hypersensitivity)
I'm new to this board. Thanks for your words.

I have GERD and take two meds to reduce acid. All the sudden, two weeks ago, my chest started hurting all the time. My doctor wants to wait and see.

I'm so frustrated and mad. It seems that if your chest hurts all day that something is wrong! Thoughts?

BiancaB97 06-06-2012 08:30 AM

Re: Chronic Burning Pain (Visceral Hypersensitivity)
Hi lightcam32,
What kind of chest pain r u getting?? Sometimes if u r having gall bladder issues of some sort u can get chest pain. Before my gall bladder was removed I would get pain in my chest, pain in the shoulder blades of my back, and pain on the right side toward the bottom of my ribs. With my current visceral hypersensitivity issue I may get bloating, and burping, and some mild reflux or indigestion at times with it, but the main symptom is pain, burning pain in my stomach. Before I started my medicine for this the pain would begin about 40 minutes after I would eat almost every time I would eat, and then it would go away or stick around for the rest of the day depending on how bad I was doing. The acid reducers the doctors prescribe in my opinion, hurt some people more than help them. I am sure some conditions do require them but anymore it seems they are prescribed like antibiotics r over prescribed. Your stomach has to have a certain amount of acid to work correctly, to digest. Acid reducers cut down the acid more and more and more, and the more u take the less u have to aid digestion. As far as your acid reflux is concerned....have u done all of the dietary and lifestyle changes to try to fix the problem rather than covering it with the acid reducers?? If u get hooked on those acid reducers it will be difficult to go back once ur on them. U will go through withdrawal and ur stomach is going to over compensate the acid. The best advice I can give u to balance your stomach acid naturally is to put a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in an 8 oz glass of water and drink it twice daily. Once when u wake up and again before bed. See how u feel. If u start feelin better, start weaning yourself off of the acid reducers some or completely depending on if this helps u or not. And I was also did they determine u have reflux?? Did u have a scope done?? Or r they just in theory telling u that u have reflux?? I'm curious about that!! I hope that the apple cider vinegar will help u. It would be best if u buy organic apple cider vinegar at a health foods store if u give it a try. If u don't like the apple cider vinegar idea another trick I have done is to eat a couple slices of pickle or drink just a bit of pickle juice with my meal. That balanced my stomach acid pretty well also. I told my uncle about this and after 10 years of relying on acid reducers, and he had bad reflux......he came off of them, for good!! Please let me know if any of this helps you! Good luck! :wave:

lightcam32 06-06-2012 04:26 PM

Re: Chronic Burning Pain (Visceral Hypersensitivity)
As far as my being diagnosed, it has been a long, long road. First, I had some sort of painful spasm going on in my chest and had an endoscopy. They found nothing. Then, a few months later, I began having nausea and vomiting every day for over a year. My GP said it was my psychotropic meds, and my psychiatrist said, no it can't possibly be anything to do with that. Nothing was done. Finally, there was some sort of a crisis a few years ago, don't remember what, and I was put on omeprazole and sucralfate. I stopped vomiting.

Now, about two and one=half weeks ago, I start having burning pain in my throat and chest. Some days, it is better than others. It seems to be getting better, but really hurts when I first wake up. (not eating or drinking 3 hours before bed) My GP said my tonsils are swollen and did a throat culture. It was negative, so he wants to "wait and see."

I'm just incredibly frustrated and upset about the whole thing, because I know something is wrong.

BiancaB97 06-08-2012 10:34 AM

Re: Chronic Burning Pain (Visceral Hypersensitivity)
Hi Lightcam32........
I understand your frustration......I do completely. The first thing u need to do is quit worrying so much......u will worry yourself sicker! Try to keep an open mind, if you have a faith in God pray for help to figure this all out.....and try some of those tips I gave you in the last post. I really do feel some of that will help you. Maybe read the side effects of any other meds you are on as well. That is very important. Meds can do so much to the body and no one ever reads the pamphlet they get with their prescriptions. Maybe something else you are taking is messing your digestive system up. Or maybe something is slowing your digestive tract down so food isn't going through your system as fast as it should. Could be a food allergy.....something you have been eating. Sometimes you have to figure out what the doctors can't piece together. U know your body the best. Think back on anything maybe in the past couple weeks that could've brought this on.....I will pray for you hon!! Things will get better.......don't worry!! Let me know if any of my advice helps you, I will be so happy if it does : )!!

aussie8765 07-01-2012 09:12 PM

Re: Chronic Burning Pain (Visceral Hypersensitivity)
[QUOTE=BiancaB97;4945949]So I'm posting up here for one purpose alone, to try and help others that deal with the everyday torture of on going burning stomach pain. Maybe what I have learned will help someone else. My stomach issues began about 7 years ago out of the blue. Before then I had a rock of a stomach, never any problems. At this time in my life however, my stress level was really at a peak. I had battled with anxiety disorder and panic attacks before this time, but had gotten beyond that. I had chosen to hold my stress in and not allow myself to have anxiety attacks any longer. I was trying to plan a wedding, build or buy a home, and adjusting to a newer supervisory position at work. And on one of those days that year I started getting burning pain in my stomach every time I would eat. My first thought was, I must have an ulcer. My family physician agreed since I had no stomach issues prior and two of my family members had a history of that. I was introduced to the PPI. I hate medication and I never take anything or go to doctors unless I have to. The PPI helped but everytime I was off of it my symptoms came right back. So at my request he treated me with 2 heavy rounds of antibiotics along with the PPI hoping to kill h. pylori if that indeed was perpetuating my symptoms. I was deathly scared to have a scope done, so he didn't make me. Nothing, he gave me was eradicating my issues. So then, it was well, you have acid reflux disease. I continued trying to wean myself off the PPI everyday, and everyday no avail. The pain I experienced would always make me go back to taking my PPI. Two years into this cycle I got fed up. I was depressed, my PPI only worked partially, and even though I was taking them it seemed as if I was getting worse. So I tried going to a different family doctor. He examined me and due to some added pain in my shoulder blades now and pain in my upper right quadrant after the exam he gave me, he said I should have my gallbladder checked for issues. In the days following, my upper right quandrant kept hurting to the point where I could not go to work and stock shelves anymore. An ultrasound revealed no stones. He then told me to get a Hida Scan done to check the function of my gallbladder. Results were that it was only working between 4-8%!! So I thought well this really sucks, I took care of myself, ate healthy, did not drink, did not smoke, and at the age of 32 I would have to face my first surgery. I was scared to death but I couldn't work and I wanted more that anything to get better. When you wake up everyday with burning pain in your stomach it eats at you in every way, physically, spiritually, mentally.....
So I did it, I got my gallbladder removed. And felt somewhat upper quadrant pain, no shoulder blade pain, not as much burning in my stomach but I took it easy on my diet too. And then about 30 days later I ventured to eat 2 chili dogs. I couldn't finish them, burning pain was back, and I was so upset I started crying. I questioned everything, why me?? After all of this 5 years later still can't feel normal and enjoy something normal like normal people?? So back on the PPI's I went. I would have tangents when I would go off of them for a couple weeks or a month but eventually the PPI would win and take me prisoner again. I didn't want my body dependant on them. So I went back to the surgeon who took my gallbladder out and told him how I was feeling....his reply.........oh it's stress. Really??? Is that all?? I told him the only thing stressing me out is that no one can tell me what is wrong with me!! So I went through more anger, depression, and gave up again. And then I finally decided I had to go get the scope done. I was just as scared of that as my surgery but I needed answers and wellness and peace of mind and consolation. So my doctor did the scope and I didn't know what hit me when it happened because I told him to drug me up!! It was kind of fun cuz I couldn't remember **** and I was loopy when I came out of it. But as high as I felt, these words brought me right back down to earth....." We didn't find anything, you have a perfectly healthy stomach, we didn't even find physical evidence of acid reflux." And I sat there and finally said even though I was out of it, " What do you mean there is nothing wrong?? I've been sick all this time??" And then a wave of guilt hit me and I apologized to God because after all nothing wrong was the best news I could get but.......I wasn't accepting it.
So another year went by, no improvement. I decided I would suffer for life with whatever this was. It was hard. And I fall down, but I always try to get back up. God didn't put me here to give up and I know that. So I thought, I'm almost 34 years old, no kids, and I don't think I would even want to carry one feelin like this everyday. I just accepted it. And then I went to my routine gyno exam. My doctor asked me if me and my husband were wanting to start a family. I told her no and why. She wanted me to go see her affiliate who is a gastroenterologist. I told her, "I dunno, they don't listen to me, they tell me it's stress and I'm healthy and I can't afford anymore answers like this. With the economy, I'm pretty broke". She convinced me to go anyway. I went to him a couple weeks later. He looked over all I had been through. He told me everything had been ruled out except for a condition called "visceral hypersensitivity". I never had heard of it?? It is nerve pain of the stomach, esophagus, intestines. Your digestive tract is like in hyper mode and doesn't want to shut down after you eat or when ur stressed. Certain foods and too much stomach acid can aggravate it. This condition can be treated with low dose antidepressant and the side effect is that it calms the nerves down in your stomach. So I was a sceptic but I tried the medication. The medicine makes u tired, especially when you first take it, your body has to have time to adjust, but I noticed pain relief right away. In fact you have to take it for 2 weeks before it will take full effect in your body. I work third shift so it's pretty hard taking a pill that makes you sleepy but my body does seem to adjust. And this past year I have felt better than I have in 7 years! Praise God!! I had in the past, gotten to a point where I couldn't eat anything tomato, citrus, pop, or caffeine and now I can even enjoy those things in moderation. I'm not on a PPI anymore. Sometimes I will pop one on a day of stress as stress effects me. Most of the time an occasional tum will do the trick if the burning begins. I'm much happier. My only concern is now that the Amitryptiline I'm on isn't safe for pregnancy, as I'm reading online. I take the lowest dose out there. Any input on that would be helpful. I dunno maybe I'll adopt! My quality of life and my daily functioning is back and I'm thankful for that!! Please let me know if my very long thread helps anyone. Don't give up, don't accept what every doctor tells you, follow your heart, and don't quit praying!I just got the internet, so I'm trying to make use of it!! God bless!![/QUOTE]

Thanks a bunch for all the information. Just wanted to let you know that i have exactly the same thing!!! When i had the scope done and they told me there was nothing there i almost fell out of the chair. Feels like fire down my esophagus and stomach. Also wanted to let you know there is another medication called "ketotifen" that also treats visceral hypersensitivity. I'm not sure how it compares, but it's not an antidepressent.

Gonzoe 07-03-2012 12:09 PM

Re: Chronic Burning Pain (Visceral Hypersensitivity)
Try meditation

Gonzoe 07-03-2012 10:07 PM

Re: Chronic Burning Pain (Visceral Hypersensitivity)
is it that hard to get off PPI? how long have you been taking it? i took it for few days n got off to zantac now i got chronic burning im hoping in few days it will go down to the point zantac will take care of it. I actually don't feel that much now i think bc my esphagus so raw?

BiancaB97 07-06-2012 09:32 PM

Re: Chronic Burning Pain (Visceral Hypersensitivity)
Hi Gonzoe,
I was on the PPI for 5 years straight...I kept trying to get off of it but they couldn't figure out why I had the burning pain every time I would eat. Then they figured out I have the visceral hypersensitivity. I tried many times over the 5 years to get off the ppi. I hate taking meds. i couldn't function at that time without them. Try about a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar to 4 oz. of water in the morn. and at night...this should help regulate your acid production in your stomach. Let me know if it works!!;)

BiancaB97 07-06-2012 09:46 PM

Re: Chronic Burning Pain (Visceral Hypersensitivity)
Hi Aussie 8765,
Sorry it took awhile to post back.....I appreciate the info on the ketotifen. I will do some research on this are you doing with your visceral hypersensitivity? i was diagnosed in the spring of 2011. I have been doing the best I ever have in the past 7 yrs. I am off of the amitryptyline and have been off for a few months. Sometimes I go back on it again if I start with trouble. I use very little acid reducer anymore either. The past few days I've been having some burning in my stomach, so I just took a PPI. My stomach should respond to this overnight though. Not like before where nothing helped. So something has gotten better from being on the amitryptiline as far as how my stomach nerves are responding. I'm so much happier. I feel free from the prison this condition put me in so long. I'm not perfect, but almost perfect, and I'll take it.....quality of life has improved so much...I am so thankful to my Dr. for helping me figure this out!!

JayJay31 01-03-2013 12:51 PM

Re: Chronic Burning Pain (Visceral Hypersensitivity)

Am I the only one that has felt these symptoms associating with pretty intense nausea? I'm on Dexilant during the day and Zantac 300mg at night along with Nortriptyline 10mg. I saw a doctor at Mayo Clinic who diagnosed me with visceral hypersensitivity. He recommended I take Nortiptyline (or Ami.) 10mg raising doses to 25mg then 50mg. I haven't noticed feeling much better on 10mg, but I'm slightly better. I've been through 5 GI doctors who basically gave up or are stumped until I went to Mayo. I'm about to increase my dosage but my nausea is still pretty intense. Before I was on PPI's (I tried like 4 different kinds), I was having non-cardiac chest pain(felt like a heart attack not heartburn) went to the ER about 7 times, shortness of breath (due to esophageal spasms and voice box spasms), along with other nerve induced pain/anxious feelings. But after reading this thread I'm thinking about maybe going off the PPI(I've been on for about 2 year now, I'm 23), but I'm scared those symptoms come back. I'm hoping the antidepressant will take away the nausea (at higher doses) and at the same time dampen the crazy heart attack feelings my GI nerves induced, but like I said I'm skeptical. And at this point my Mayo doctor isn't willing to provide any further help unless I go back and see him (and spend a fortune) so I'm all on my own.

BiancaB97 01-04-2013 07:35 PM

Re: Chronic Burning Pain (Visceral Hypersensitivity)
Hi JayJay31.........I have been where ur at...frustrated and depressed..wondering if my life would ever be close to normal functioning again....its a scary place. I believe what has always helped me through everything is a combination of prayer, gettin a doctor who would listen to me.......including to my financial needs......and making some decisions for myself. My doctor understood I could only afford to see him until I hit my deductible for the he wrote me enough prescription to get me by until the following year. So over 9 mths....I saw him maybe 3 times....and then for the rest of the year he wrote me a prescription to get me through til the next year. Maybe this could help you......suggest that to your doctor. I have found I do experience some nausea....on an empty stomach especially, if I am bloated and sometimes it seems I have this in the morning a lot. I have issues where I have to burp continuously also which is weird. My burning issues calmed down a lot when I took myself off the PPI....but I'm telling you....if u quit cold turkey like I did...expect some horrible burning for about a week or so....ur body has to adjust. Maybe weaning yourself off would work better for u. But I hate taking pills...and the amitryptyline I could tell was helping so I just hung up the PPI, but everyone is different. I still took some Tums or Zantac to help with the acid rebound effect, I also would also mix about a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar with water to 4 oz. of water and take a shot of that in the morning and a shot before bed...that helps....and most of the time now....if I need anything, I take a couple Tums or my apple cider vinegar.....There are times....for some reason my stomach will just give me a hard time.....and usually when that happens..I will take one 15 mg over the counter prevacid. And usually just that one pill will reset the nerves in my stomach so they aren't so sensitive. I am curious...have you had any gall bladder issues or have they checked it?? Mine was taken out...... JayJay...I hope this advice helps you get through this very tough time in your life...I pray you will feel better soon!!:angel:

abadgi 02-26-2013 09:11 PM

Re: Chronic Burning Pain (Visceral Hypersensitivity)

I had the same problem.burning sensations all over my stomach and intestines.
And if I ate even a speck of spice I would get the most incredible burning.
Life was hell since they said sensitivity and gave me amytriptiline.
I did not take it because I got pregnant.
But I then found a homeopathic doctor.

He's treating me from two years.i am almost better.can eat spicy food now with very little burning.they say homeopathy doesn't work but for me it did and it depends on who the doctor is.hes extremely good guys.i wanted to respond here because I know the hell I went through.

Homeo medicine works provided you find an extremely good doctor.
I researched over the Internet.
I just wanted to spread the word cause he was my god send when I lost hope.
How can I live my life eating bland food.

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