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4dad 07-21-2012 12:32 PM

Is it reasonable to take 80mg of Prilosec to equal 40mg Nexium?
Hi everyone,
I think I finally understand from a chemical perspective why Prilosec is not as effective (for me) as Nexium. It has been driving me crazy as to the reason why something that is "almost" the same as Nexium is not working the same or even close. Well they might close but only with the right dosing. Prilosec is composed of the R and S isomers and Nexium only has the S isomer which is the one with the greater potency. In Prilosec, you are getting half the S isomer that you would otherwise get in Nexium. So in a 20mg tablet of Prilosec, you are only getting 10mg of what would be in Nexium. The R isomer is basically far less useful for prohibiting acid. So for almost a week, I'm really only taking 20mg of Nexium. How can the doctors and pharmacists say they are equivalent? I do not get this at all.

So what this means then is I would really need to take 80mg of omeprazole to equate to the 40mg of Nexium. I would like to know if others have done this? Also, my doctor said to take one on the morning and one at night (since I'm burning up here) but with some of the reading I've done out there, a nighttime dose may not really be all that helpful. I haven't noticed a help since I started. I read somewhere that it has something do so with what goes on in the body but I can't remember where I read it! I know everyone is different and may do better with 2 doses but since these are supposed to be 24 hours I don't see why you'd have to. I would love some thoughts or advice on taking 80mg of Prilosec and doing a morning versus morning and evening!

Thanks so much!

janewhite1 07-21-2012 10:55 PM

Re: Is it reasonable to take 80mg of Prilosec to equal 40mg Nexium?
Most studies show that 40 mg of Prilosec is the same as 40 mg of Nexium, but there's always individual variation in response.

When you should take it might depend on when your symptoms are the worst. If it mostly bothers you in the daytime, take it first thing in the morning. If it keeps you up at night, take it either before bed or before dinner.

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