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Gonzoe 07-24-2012 07:23 PM

Beat the Nexium side-affect or rebound
Tamed it after few weeks but still have tight esophagus and can't swallow. Still taking zantac twice a day. after 3 weeks my chronic leakage or splashing is mild now to zero. I couldn't swallow for 2 weeks of that period bc i burnt myself at night while sleeping. Has anyone healed from this, going onto my fourth week soon but first week of mild to zero symptoms. I take gaviscon if i have some symptoms. Just want know if people got this permanent or got it fixed when endoscopy was done. I can't believe had wait 2months for my endoscopy. five weeks more to go.

rosebloom 07-27-2012 02:24 PM

Re: Beat the Nexium side-affect or rebound
What you describe is typical. People usually experience acid rebound after they stop a PPI, particularly if they stop suddenly. I stopped taking a PPI two years or more ago, but still take Zantac twice a day because I have chronic GERD. For most people, this is a chronic condition with relapses here and there, and better and worse days. I think the only long term solution I know is surgery, and that is not always totally effective.

Congratulations on you experiencing fewer symptoms. Take good care of yourself, watch your diet, and don't be alarmed if you still experience some symptoms. It is more the norm than not.

The five weeks to endoscopy will fly.


Gonzoe 07-28-2012 09:45 AM

Re: Beat the Nexium side-affect or rebound
Yes my stomach is still sensitive to foods that i wasnt sensitive to. Msg gave me symptoms the other day. Congestion n heartburn. I think take months before strenghten my digestion symptom its just hard being on liquid or soft diet. I think the specialest will have me on ppi bc i prob have a stricture now bc of the nexium. Hopefully i can get his approval for an alternative bc life has been miserable ever since nexium. You should try using digestive ezymes, greens drinks, probiotics n smaller meals and see if your digestion is better than slowly get off zantac. I think zantac and other acid suppresser can cause indigestion, bc i always get stomach growling on it. We need stomach acid digest food

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