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yawninggirl 09-29-2012 08:45 AM

Could this breathing issue be from my Untreated GERD and Hiatal Hernia?
This is a major problem for me right now. I have been to the ER twice and had blood work, ekgs, and chest X-rays done. All tests come back normal. My vitals are good. My oxygen saturation runs 97-100. I do have GERD and Hiatal Hernia and stopped PPIs about a year ago. I don't feel like I have much acid reflux like I used too and tried to stay away from the meds. Well anyways, I have been having the sensation like I always need to take a deep breath, sigh, or yawn from morning until I get into bed at night. This can get so bad that sometimes I will start to hyperventilate and panic which makes it feel very uncomfortable. I feel like I cannot complete a deep breath and this throws me into a complete panic. I also experience a lot of gas and burping. My nose feels stuffing and my ears sometimes crackle. I sometimes will force coughs to try to get a deep breath. I have to twist my body and make strange poses sometimes to get a deep breath. Seems worse when sitting, when thinking of stressful things, having a bowel movement, and surrounding eating. Feels better when walking and laying down in the bed getting ready to sleep. Does not awake me at night and I sleep good. I do wake up with a sore throat in the morning and it starts all over again. Do you think this could be from GERD or Hiatal Hernia?? Thank you I have been going nuts with this for 6 months now!

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